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In-depth analytics for extensive growth and prosperity

The LEAFIO BI module is not just a set of reports for inventory management in retail but also a powerful driver of the productivity and profitability of your business.
The proper calculation of KPIs allows you to find out where your money is invested in operating activities and when it will return as a profit.

image - In-depth analytics for extensive growth and prosperity image - In-depth analytics for extensive growth and prosperity

Something goes wrong with your inventory if:

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    There is an imbalance between a surplus in one store and a lack of stock of the same product in others
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    The availability differs several times for stores of the same format and with a similar lead time
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    Availability and turnover are deteriorating at the same time
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    There is a negative trend of key performance indicators in inventory management
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Take advantage of our years of supply chain management experience on your journey to business excellence.


The BI module from LEAFIO, like a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool, checks the "health" of your inventory management using essential retail indicators with 40+ reports of in-depth analytics

  • image-<b>LFL Analysis</b> image-<b>LFL Analysis</b>

    LFL Analysis

    The report helps monitor the dynamics of key indicators and find critical problems compared to previous periods (years, months, weeks). LEAFIO will generate information on key inventory management metrics: inventory, sales, surplus, lost sales, turnover, and availability with the ability to analyze by category, supplier, or manager.

  • image-<b>Analysis by SKU</b> image-<b>Analysis by SKU</b>

    Analysis by SKU

    The report complements the LFL analysis with more detailed information on each SKU and its storage location at all levels of the supply chain. In this way, it is possible to quickly, without analyzing each product, evaluate the situation of all products and their balance in different retail stores thanks to convenient visualization – red signals deterioration of indicators, green – improvement.

  • image-<b>Lost sales reasons</b> image-<b>Lost sales reasons</b>

    Lost sales reasons

    A detailed analysis of lost sales makes it possible to quickly determine the cause of losses at the level of a product, category, manager, or supplier and to take the most suitable measures to avoid it. For example, determining that most of the lost sales are due to the supplier's failure to meet delivery deadlines can be a reason to revise the terms of cooperation or change the supplier.

  • image-<b>Suppliers</b> image-<b>Suppliers</b>


    The section allows you to evaluate the quality of cooperation with a specific supplier and their reliability. The charts display the essential information: what was ordered from the supplier in terms of quantity and cost; what was done or not and on what terms; the supplier’s share in purchases and sales of a store or the entire chain. Monitoring and measuring the service level helps optimize the supplier’s portfolio and quickly work through interaction problems.

  • image-<b>Promo</b> image-<b>Promo</b>


    The system provides full reporting of completed promotions by type and period. Thus, LEAFIO analyzes the effectiveness of promotional activities in terms of sales, product availability during the promotion period, its effectiveness in terms of sales growth, and post-promotion balances, which can significantly affect product turnover. Advanced promo analysis allows you to take a more balanced approach to planning and conducting promotions, as well as avoid common mistakes after promotional campaigns.

  • image-<b>ABC(D) &amp; XYZ analysis</b> image-<b>ABC(D) &amp; XYZ analysis</b>

    ABC(D) & XYZ analysis

    Comprehensive analytics of product management within the assortment matrix. ABC(D) analysis tracks changes in the sales dynamics of an SKU by assigning it to the appropriate product category. XYZ also groups products according to sales variability. Thus, these two analyses make it possible to obtain detailed analytics in a few clicks to optimize the assortment as efficiently as possible.

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less manual labor
less lost sales
faster turnover
month ROI


  • icon-Improved productivity 
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    Improved productivity

    By regularly monitoring KPIs, you can evaluate the contribution of each participant in the supply chain, significantly improving efficiency at each stage.
  • icon-Timely diagnosis
icon-hover-Timely diagnosis

    Timely diagnosis

    With all the information about the status of stocks always on hand, you can quickly notice and fix an emerging problem and avoid possible losses.
  • icon-Transparency and clarity
icon-hover-Transparency and clarity

    Transparency and clarity

    In real-time, you can see where your money is invested, how effectively it works for you, and which business processes need immediate improvement.
  • icon-The workforce and  time economy 
icon-hover-The workforce and  time economy

    The workforce and time economy

    Saves managers’ time spent on complex analytical reports and generating conclusions for proper decision making.

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  • Fresh Inventory Management

    The system helps to strike a balance between availability and lack of write-offs. Taking into account high variability, uneven demand within a week, expiration date, supplier delivery slot throughout the day you can make your inventory management and margins of different categories of fresh goods more accurate.

  • Multi echelon replenishment and allocation

    Highly accurate forecast, regarding safety stocks when managing stocks in regional and central warehouses. The forecast of demand at the DC level and all parts of the supply chain, as well as various business processes are taken into account: true cross docking, pick by line, pick by zero and an alternative storage option.

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Dashboard was creatively designed for a new level of managers`s engagement to the inventory optimization process. Visual and transparent than ever. You can focus on the essentials, understand the problems without a deep analysis; it tells you where to look to make managerial decisions.