Alcoretail Group chooses LEAFIO AI Retail Solution

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  • Dec 14, 2022
  • 3 min read
Cover: Alcoretail Group chooses LEAFIO AI Retail Solution

Alcoretail Group is the largest distributor of wines and spirits in Georgia. The company offers brands from chains such as Alcorium and Whiskey House, and as of March 2019, it began managing the strong and imported beverages category of the Goodwill supermarket chain. The company has 45 shops and accounts for more than a third of total fine beverage sales in Georgia. The shops are divided into various groups depending on the ABC category parameter, the shop location, and the number of (between 300 and 1800 SKUs).

Project goals

Having chosen the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Solution for Product Merchandising Management, Alcoretail Group wishes to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Compliance control of planograms within the software and on shop shelves. The use of realograms makes this possible.
  • Building an overall shelf space management model through the model management systems.
  • Immediate discovery of passive SKUs through ABC analysis.
  • Identifying 'hot zones' in the shop.
  • Determining shelf visuals and minimum product inventory in the shop for order calculation in the accounting system.
  • Improve shelf space efficiency.

How the shelf space was managed before implementing the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution

Previously, planograms were created in Excel and then sent to the shops. With this approach, shop staff was forced to complete tasks manually, including generating and sending planograms, controlling their execution, and analyzing their impact on sales. However, to achieve maximum results in the most efficient way possible, it is necessary to develop a different methodology.

Before the implementation of LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency
Before the implementation of LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency
Planograms made with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency
Planograms made with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency

How was the Alcoretail group's transition to an automated product merchandising system

A team composed of the implementers and consultants of the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution is working with the Alcoretail Group team and have already carried out the following tasks:

  • Integration with the accounting system.
  • Preparation and collection of the necessary data (equipment and product sizes) for the creation of the planograms. 
Shelf efficiency

Merchandising management maximizes sales through product presentation.

Currently, the team is learning to use the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution. The training program is tailored to the specific needs of the network. Moreover, in the program, we analyze and evaluate real cases of companies so that we can adopt the best strategies.

Following the training program, employees created a digitized shop with planograms for over 1000 SKUs to develop the following skills:

  • development of planograms using drag and drop and automatic facing of products according to analytical data;
  • analysis of planograms and shop layouts;
  • creation of equipment models;
  • definition of tasks for the shops, and much more.
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