Central Asia’s popular dark store Airba Fresh has teamed up with Leafio for process automation

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  • Nov 13, 2023
  • 3 min read
Cover: Central Asia’s popular dark store Airba Fresh has teamed up with Leafio for process automation

Airba Fresh and LEAFIO AI have just announced new cooperation on process automation through LEAFIO’s cloud platform. Despite having arrived at the scene only recently in 2022, Airba Fresh is quickly becoming a well-known online fresh food store in the region notable for its fresh and high-quality products.

The company focused on improving its business processes and expanding operations right from the start and has made significant strides. At the moment, Airba Fresh operates a big warehouse, a supermarket, and a minimarket as well as online B2B sales and deliveries. Now, the time has come to innovate their ecosystem to open many new stores and minimarkets. 

The management of Airba Fresh was looking for a comprehensive solution to automate inventory, layout, and assortment management, and found it in three products from LEAFIO. Specifically, LEAFIO Inventory Optimisation, Shelf Efficiency and Assortment Performance were selected to increase the efficiency of the online store’s processes and its financial performance. LEAFIO, as a leading provider of retail solutions, is proud to announce the cooperation to implement its innovative ecosystem and help Airba Fresh to scale quickly without any efficiency loss or unnecessary staff costs that such an expansion was sure to bring. 

Project challenges 

LEAFIO's three-product ecosystem will also allow the online retailer to address a range of current challenges:

  • Given that Airba Fresh trades in fresh goods with short shelf lives, it needs a solution that will constantly monitor and track these expiration dates while ensuring product quality and safety.
  • The company needs to maintain a delicate balance of ensuring product availability while minimizing out-of-stock and overstock issues, ultimately reducing write-offs.
  • The sheer volume of data that needs to be collected and processed to keep the company running smoothly has become a problem that requires a comprehensive solution.
  • Currently, inventory and assortment management is handled by category managers who find themselves absorbed in routine tasks, leaving little time for strategic decision-making.

Expectations from LEAFIO AI Retail Platform

Airba Fresh and LEAFIO will meet the challenges above by approaching the implementation process comprehensively:

  1. Inventory Management: The first phase will focus on deploying LEAFIO Inventory Optimization for availability control, demand forecasting, and automatic ordering. After that, Assortment Performance and Shelf Efficiency systems will be launched in parallel.
  2. Merchandising Management System: The Shelf Efficiency system will provide space optimization and efficient display of goods for maximum customer convenience. In the future, the system will allow the opening of new stores much faster by automating the creation of planograms based on data and analytics.
  3. Assortment management: Airba Fresh already has a working assortment matrix, so the Assortment Management system will improve data analysis and processing, allowing a more accurate assessment of product mix rotation.
  4. Increased efficiency: The LEAFIO cloud platform will serve as an ecosystem of three modules, streamlining operations and freeing category managers from routine tasks. This will lead to better processes and improved financial performance.

There is no doubt that LEAFIO ecosystem products will help Airba Fresh achieve its development priorities. On top of that, after successfully implementing the system, LEAFIO's Customer Success department will continue to cooperate with Airba Fresh to solve non-trivial tasks and help the company utilize the system as effectively as possible.

We wish the Airba Fresh and LEAFIO teams a successful project completion and look forward to reporting on its outstanding results.

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