CPG-manufacturer IDS increased the share of sales with analytics from LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency

CPG-manufacturer IDS increased the share of sales with analytics from LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency

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About the client

IDS is a leading national producer and expert in the quality of natural mineral waters, presented by Borjomi, Morshynska brands, and others. 

The company has chosen the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution to conduct a pilot project in merchandising for the Borjomi and Morshinska brands. 

The LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency system uses advanced algorithms to place goods on shelves automatically, considering the parameters required by the client. By tracking data on sales, balances and other parameters with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, it is possible to regulate the place of goods and optimize the use of space on the shelves. This ensures that customers can always find the product they want and reduces the time and effort required by store staff to manage the shelves manually.

Challenges faced by the company

The manufacturer is interested in bringing sales by making its products stand out among its competitors. With the unification of planograms and their analysis, the company aimed to:

Our team started the project with these goals in mind.

Project progress:

IDS worked closely with the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency team so that the system brought tangible results quickly.

The project was implemented in 3 stages:

A format planogram is a single planogram arranged for a group of stores united by similar parameters. When something is changed in the planogram, the changes are immediately reflected in stores to which it is “attached.”

Reference and test planograms in the pilot stores were selected so that the results could be visible at the end of the project. The test planograms were modified based on their analysis in LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency and sent for implementation at retail outlets.

The solution proposed by the team:

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency’s customer support team already has extensive experience with various company requests. Therefore, after analyzing the goals of IDS Ukraine, we suggested they use the tools of a comprehensive layout analysis.

The following tools were used for this:

After a thorough analysis and identification of improvement points, the following changes occurred in the shelf display:

What are the benefits of such an approach to changes in the layout?

Economic results of the pilot


Implementing the merchandising solution helped IDS create a more profitable display and improve assortment management, namely active and passive SKUs. As a result, the company achieved better customer engagement and made decision-making based on data.

Using the algorithmic technologies of LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, IDS will be able to improve the position of bottled water brands steadily and remain a competitive company in the market.

Leafio PR
LEAFIOPress Officer



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