DIY stores chain UnitB chooses LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency to unify planograms

  • Mar 16, 2023
  • 1 min read
Cover: DIY stores chain UnitB chooses LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency to unify planograms

DIY stores chain UnitB from Eastern Europe has started a project to implement the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution.

  • The chain is represented in 4 cities and has been operating for 19+ years
  • The total sales area and warehouse premises is 52,000 m2
  • The range of the chain includes more than 15,000 unique SKUs

The management of the company decided to achieve the following goals:

  1. Automate the creation of planograms and shelf space management
  2. Control the planogram compliance in software and on the store shelves
  3. Unify the display of goods in stores with further sales analysis 

Earlier the company's employees did not use planograms. They formed zones in the store plan; each one correlated with its own category. The manager detailed which racks should be placed in which zone. The store employee was guided by the internal rules for displaying goods.

The control of the implementation of the planograms was performed once a week: an employee from the headquarters came to the store and checked the accuracy of the placement of goods.

“Among the challenges of our approach is that each store has a different area, and the size of the equipment depends on this. It is quite difficult to unify planograms only by zoning the store area and putting categories in it. Also, it means that stores have a different appearance and the buyer faces barriers when navigating and buying,” says Alex F., Trade Department Head 

The project will be implemented in 3 phases: setting up data exchange between the accounting system and LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, training the team and creating planograms for test categories with our support managers.

At the end of the project, the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency team is confident that UnitB employees will:

  • create unified and unique planograms for the entire chain and consider using format planograms for speeding up the process of their generation
  • control the display using the Shelf Efficiency mobile application
  • analyze the layout for improvements in sales per meter KPIs.
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