How to manage grocery store inventory efficiently. TOP 5 problems to solve in 2023

During the webinar, our speakers demonstrated how inventory management automation can effectively improve the performance of the entire retail chain.

Watch the recording to learn how to:

  • Reduce waste and write-offs with advanced management of the fresh category;
  • Automatically deal with unbalanced stocks of the retail chain;
  • Effectively manage trade promotion with full control of campaign process and results;
  • Avoid overstocks caused by miscalculated orders for promotional and seasonal layouts;
  • Easily work with assortment rotation;
  • And, most importantly, how to do all this easily and quickly.



Webinar speaker: Helen Kom
Helen Kom
Product Director
Inventory Optimization program Product Director and efficient supply chain methodologist with over 100 project implementations in retail.
Webinar speaker: Ana Erma
Ana Erma
Head of Business Development
Ana is a Supply Chain Automation Solutions Expert. Happy customers are what make her happy.