LEAFIO is heading to NRF 2022 in NYC to showcase our new Promotion Management software

  • Jan 6, 2022
  • 2 min read
Cover: LEAFIO is heading to NRF 2022 in NYC to showcase our new Promotion Management software

Lewes, DE - LEAFIO is exhibiting at the NRF Big Show on 16th-18th January 2022 at the Javits Centre in NYC. The three-day trade experience is where the most influential minds in retail come together to share insights into what’s next. LEAFIO RETAIL PLATFORM enables dramatic efficiency increase in inventory, merchandising, and trade promotion planning and management for any size retail business. Our latest Promotion Management AI tool helps retailers plan and manage the promotion operations better.

LEAFIO Co-Founder Jane Medwin can’t wait to showcase these new tools at NRF in January:

For retailers planning to take their promotion management to the next level, the LEAFIO Promotion Management solution provides an intelligent way to control their promotional operations and make a step-change in retail productivity. And who doesn’t need that?

LEAFIO Promotion Management solution closes the loop between retail promotion operations and promotion management. An evolution from complexity to simplicity made possible with a multi-factor AI forecasting engine that powers planning, coordination, execution, and performance analysis for all retail departments partaking in the challenging task of trade promotion management. Our solution creates organizational transparency at every stage of the promotion process while enabling continuous optimization.

LEAFIO AI PLATFORM’s Trade promotion forecasts maximize efficiency and profitability every single time. We eliminate the guesswork in trade promotion planning by:

  • Highly accurate AI sales forecast;
  • Target stock levels for PROMO items;
  • Promo items recommendations;
  • Automated trade promotion replenishment;
  • Optimized end of promo inventories.

With Leafio Promotion Management, you can seamlessly join up your head office and store teams by coordinating activity planning across the business. Being a part of LEAFIO AI PLATFORM, the tool is seamlessly connected to Inventory Optimization and Merchandising optimization solutions that better jointly serve the highest operational efficiency standards of the retail industry and help maximize profits while reducing expenses.


At Leafio, we create software for the retail supply-chain processes automation and optimization. We are proud to serve 160+ retail companies in over 15 countries, helping gain a competitive edge in the market, increase resistance to disruption and generate more revenue with a higher margin. Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Accurate demand forecasting;
  • Fully automated order generation;
  • Multi-echelon replenishment optimization;
  • Macro/Micro space management;
  • Planogram generation automation;
  • Category management optimization;
  • Shelf space performance management;
  • Performance tracking; 
  • Business Insights and analytics;
  • Promotion management.

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