Marché Leo's, a Canadian fast growing grocery chain, selects LEAFIO AI to power merchandising processes

  • Nov 1, 2023
  • 3 min read
Cover: Marché Leo's, a Canadian fast growing grocery chain, selects LEAFIO AI to power merchandising processes

Marché Leo's, a rapidly growing food and grocery chain in Canada, and LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions, a leading developer of retail process and supply chain optimization software, announced a partnership. This exciting project  is aimed at automating merchandising processes in the retailer's existing stores, as well as accelerating and improving preparation for the coming soon store openings.

Marché Leo's carries approximately 10,000 SKUs across a wide range of categories including grocery, beverage, ready-to-eat meals, household, health and beauty products, and more. The retailer plans to double their operations in size over the next year. Therefore, needing to innovate and automate its merchandising processes, allowing it to scale efficiently and provide the same excellent service to its customers at every point of sale.

"We are pleased to have found partners in LEAFIO to collaborate on our growth and digital transformation journey," said Neil Randhawa, Vice President of Purchasing at Marché leo’s. "This will allow us to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience and for the company to become more resilient to the market challenges."

The LEAFIO AI Shelf Efficiency solution will provide Marché Leo's with a number of valuable benefits:

Improved customer experience

By implementing LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, Marché Lleo's aims to offer customers a more organized and visually appealing shopping environment, making it easier to find products and discover new items.

Automated creation and rapid implementation of planograms

The system will automatically generate effective planograms based on analytical data and promptly communicate them to all stores in the chain.

Convenient tools for monitoring the planograms execution

Office employees will be able to send layout tasks to stores and monitor their fulfillment via a mobile application for the field staff, where they can upload a report on the work done.

Accelerated preparation for new store openings

The system will enable the retailer to plan macro- and micro-space for new stores efficiently and rapidly, dramatically speeding up the pre-opening process.

Cost Savings

Effective merchandise display management will reduce labor costs and minimize waste, resulting in improved overall profitability.

"We are extremely fond of Marché Leo's store concept, and are confident that this partnership will not only bring financial results and growth to our new client in Canada but will also be the beginning of a strong business relationship between our teams," shares Andrew Max, end-to-end merchandising process expert, co-founder of LEAFIO Inc.

The estimated timeframe of the software implementation project is three months. During this time, it is expected that the system will be fully integrated, the retailer's staff will be trained to work with the interface, analytics and planograms for its new store location. 

About Marché Leo's:

Marché Leo’s is a proudly Canadian grocery chain with a presence in Ontario. Offering an assortment of merchandise including food, beverage, family meals, and home, health and beauty products. Marché leo's is committed to providing quality products and exceptional service to its customers.

About LEAFIO AI RetailL Solutions:

LEAFIO AI Retail Platform equips retailers, CPG manufacturers and distributors with robust, agile, and adaptable automation solutions. It serves over 180 companies in 20 countries. LEAFIO creates AI-driven software for improved supply chain processes, inventory optimization, merchandising management, assortment performance, and trade promotion forecasting.

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