A retailer's checklist "Merchandise Display KPIs”

  • Sep 30, 2022
  • 14 min read
Cover: A retailer's checklist "Merchandise Display KPIs”

Proper display evaluation provides the company with a clear understanding of the turnover and stock and how effective the retail planogram is. Unfortunately, sometimes managers don’t have enough time to analyze planograms properly and make it perform efficiently.

If you feel that the display in your store chain:

  • Presentable, comfortable, spacious, and understandable for the shopper
  • Efficient and easily managed by the company
  • Profitable and doesn’t generate revenue as desired,

then this checklist will help you assess the current situation and make a further action plan to improve it.

Fill up the form and get A retailer's checklist "Merchandise Display KPIs” in 20 pages which will highlight what you need to analyze and take care about.

You will benefit from this checklist if you are:

  • Retail Chain General Manager
  • Retail Chain Sales Director
  • Head of Merchandising Department
  • Category / Assortment Planning Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
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