Merchandising Solution: How a retailer creates a competitive advantage to extend profits?

  • Apr 19, 2022
  • 5 min read
Cover: Merchandising Solution: How a retailer creates a competitive advantage to extend profits?

What does it take to succeed in the buyers market consistently?

There are thousands of factors to consider so that the buyer's attention is fully engaged from the moment they enter the store until they leave, and you can direct it the way you want. As a result, your average bill rises, and the buyer's needs are met. Retail merchandising software for optimization of the merchandising process and shelf space management is one of the methods to do this.

What is the definition of merchandising solution?

From data-driven planogram generation to its control and analysis, merchandising solution optimizes display management across the retail chain.

Solution for Merchandising:

  • raises the chain's total profit;
  • simplifies management and employee communication;
  • increases accountability with visual checkout functions;
  • systematizes accountability and transparency of the merchandising process.

Merchandising automation systematizes retailers' activity and optimizes their assortment based on timely operational analysis. With the chain's development, a merchandising management system is usually required. Without it, managing an expanding number of stores, staff, and assortment width will be challenging, as well as fast layout implementation and performance control.

Retailers utilize merchandising automation software to execute operations such as:

  • store assortment management;
  • automation of operational activities for the generation of unique and format planograms, laying out tasks;
  • control of the final display in the store;
  • reporting on planograms and store KPIs.

Retailers and brands also use merchandising software to set tasks on display, verify their compliance, collect product dimensions and photographs, check for stock, and generate merchandising and marketing management reports.

Existing merchandising solutions that improve storage performance include

Planogram and floor plan drafting software

This type of software visualizes store planograms and floor plans in 2D and 3D. However, with only this solution, the chain will be unable to recreate a complete retail business process because the program lacks a tool to regulate display and analytics.

Control software for POS displays

This type of software allows you to compare your planogram to the actual display. At the same time, a company needs a distinct planogram-drawing solution. As we see, it is frequently lacking, and planograms are produced manually in Excel or PowerPoint.

Analytical merchandising management system

Tables and charts provide extensive analytics in such types of systems. However, this information cannot be read and visualized immediately on the store plan or planogram. For example, you can't colorize hot and cold zones on a floor layout to see which location and product combination generates the most profit. Furthermore, this type of software lacks the sophisticated capabilities of visual planogram analyses. With LEAFIO, you can color-code things based on your criteria to see where you can enhance equipment turnover.

What makes comprehensive merchandising solutions unique, and what are the advantages?

It became feasible to use data on sales, turnover, equipment, and commodities to effectively find the merchandising business process and improve store performance because of a spread of software.

However, you see a massive picture of the retailing business process because of complicated software. Such types of retail merchandising software enable you to create store plans and planograms and examine analytics for sales, turnover, and other metrics. With all of those capabilities, you'll be able to adjust the layout and immediately impact store performance successfully.

The tools to execute the abovementioned actions are available for you in LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, the shelf space management system. You can use it to:

  • speed up the creation of planograms by 4 times compared to their design in Excel or PowerPoint;
  • increase sales per square meter;
  • reduce inventory;
  • establish communication and control over the implementation of planograms;
  • set up regular reporting for senior management;
  • apply analytics to the retail chain at hand for a prompt response.

Merchandising automation options

Merchandising business software should drive sales and facilitate your achievement of revenue goals. Process automation will help you to do this faster.

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency platform features:

  • automating the creation of the layout considering the parameters you specified;
  • SKU input and output from the stores' assortment of the chain ;
  • setting tasks for the shop in a very few clicks;
  • automated sending of reports on the effectiveness of the layout.

Store employees have access to their tasks from the LEAFIO mobile app. The planograms are "tied" to the equipment in the store plan so that they are easy to search out. Photos of completed display tasks are sent through the app and are visible to you on your desktop version of LEAFIO.

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency works as a "digital assistant" which will assist with layout creation supported by the parameters you set, provide data on its effectiveness, moreover, as a tool to automate product layout management.

Shelf efficiency

Merchandising management maximizes sales through product presentation.

You could control communication between the headquarters and employees of the store and control the tasks performed by them. From this point, you won't get any layout reports by mail, only up-to-date realograms.

Among other things, controlling the display and automatic calculation of the facings number affect the stock reduction. Having positional planograms, you understand which product should get on the shelf, and in what quantity and control the compliance of the agreed place occupied by the product and its actual place on the shelf.

Your retail chain will have effective planograms, regardless of the width of your assortment, the number of stores, and the staff responsible for displaying at the headquarters and on-site.

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