New release of the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency planogram software: advanced equipment designer, macrospace planner, and Polish language

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  • Jun 7, 2022
  • 2 min read
Cover: New release of the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency planogram software: advanced equipment designer, macrospace planner, and Polish language

We are pleased to present a new release of the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency planogram software – the system for managing the shelf space and automating the merchandising process.

This release is one of the largest system improvements to date.

With the new release of the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency planogram software, you now have the ability to:

  • choose the units of measurement that are convenient for you to work with;
  • create even more customized equipment for any needs;
  • speed up your work with the equipment on the floor plan;
  • use more advanced brand filtering when choosing SKU for planograms;
  • autorebuild planograms more efficiently;
  • and much more.

New features implemented in this version of our planogram software:

  • New units of measurement were added - feet and inches. 
  • Improved macro space management functionality.

Almost all types of equipment expanded their functionality, namely:

  • We have added auto-squeezing for the trading rack. Now, each package of dry goods can be compressed up to 50% so that it does not take up too much space.
  • In the cabinet with cells and cell box it’s now possible to merge cells and remove the odd ones in order to configure the custom form of equipment. You can also add rails and partitions.
Types of equipment
Types of equipment
  • You can change the parameter of depth in the cell box, trade stand, and pallet (previously it was set by default). It means that you’ve got a tool to calculate the stock for dry goods and layout goods in several rows in depth.
Depth parameter
Depth parameter
  • The express panel (floor space equipment panel) for adding equipment has been updated. Now, it has become even easier to create an additional trading rack without leaving the floor plan section.
  • Features for assembly instructions for each type of equipment updated.
  • Simplified work with the floor plan.

To move equipment around the store plan easier, we’ve added the ‘Create equipment bundle’ function. With this new feature, you can now turn racks not only in individual elements but also in groups. Additionally, it is possible to align them to the top or bottom border of the floor plan.

  • Updated interface of the reports section

The report section has become more user-friendly and easier to read. The reports are divided according to their functions.

  • Changes in print settings and PDF versions of planograms

There is an option to print equipment components and the layout itself separately. In addition, you can print all available columns.

  • A detailed set of filters was added to drag and drop products into the planogram 
  • Polish version of the system added
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