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New release of the Leafio Inventory Optimization software dashboard: practical insights for business prosperity in just one click
Press release

New release of the Leafio Inventory Optimization software dashboard: practical insights for business prosperity in just one click

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Leafio Dashboard

We are proud to announce the brilliant release of the updated Leafio Inventory Optimization dashboard, which has become even more informative and functional for effective inventory management in retail.

The Dashboard is the first thing the users see when they log in; it gives a quick assessment of the inventory status and the manager's tasks. Having retained the interface of the main menu already familiar to users, at the same time, we managed to further expand the functionality of the main page.

The significant effect of the dashboard is that a few seconds are enough for a manager to understand which tasks are urgent and top priority and whether everything is alright with the indicators. And if there are deviations, the system hints at what you need to pay attention to and where to look.

The dashboard is divided into two main blocks:

Operational dashboard

The operational dashboard is the main working page of the manager by default. It allows quickly switching to any application page with filters the user has previously configured. 

When coming to work, first of all, the manager needs to pay attention to the hints that the system suggests:

Thanks to the system’s prompts, this block can be quickly worked through so that the manager can proceed to the analysis of key indicators. 

Daily the dashboard provides insight into how surplus and lost sales have changed. If there is a negative trend, it's necessary to pay attention to an additional report which helps to understand the reason for such a trend.

Daily tasks

Operational dashboard. Daily tasks. Dynamics of indicators. Custom filters

Strategic dashboard

This block consists of three tabs:

On the tab with key indicators, there are presented:

The colors on the charts allow the manager to quickly understand whether the indicators correspond to the specified KPI level.

Key indicators

Strategic dashboard. Key indicators

The System efficiency and orders tab consists of two parts:

  1. “System efficiency” presents indicators showing what percentage of the range is under control of the system and the percentage of auto-replenishment for connected products. This data gives the TOP management a clear understanding of the level of use of the system, how much it helps the business, and what part of the routine tasks it covers.
  2. The “Orders” part reflects the volume of orders generated automatically by the system. It also shows whether there are manual orders and adjustments from managers. A high level of manual intervention into the system requires additional management attention and analysis, as it can be a signal of a problem and may lead to poor inventory management performance.

System efficiency and orders

Strategic dashboard. System efficiency and orders

And finally, we bring to your attention the “icing on the cake” - the Insights tab.

It is an advantageous and specific option that is totally unique in the inventory optimization software market. Using methodologically sound approaches, we give the manager the opportunity to see in just one click what is wrong in the company's inventory management.

In this section, the manager sees not just information but a problem already analyzed, which can have a severe impact on business results.

For example, the system will highlight not only the percentage of “dead stocks” but also calculate how much money is frozen at the moment precisely, making it possible to redistribute the budget correctly and, having gotten rid of slow movers, allocate funds for further business development.

“We are so excited to announce that there are still many new insights awaiting our users as we never stop on the way to improving our software as well as our client’s inventory management system” - Helen Schepanyk, Product Director of LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions


Strategic dashboard. Insights

Leafio PR
LEAFIOPress Officer

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