Plum Market Boosts Shelf Efficiency with LEAFIO

  • Aug 24, 2022
  • 2 min read
Cover: Plum Market Boosts Shelf Efficiency with LEAFIO

LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions has been appointed by Plum Market - a growing Midwestern grocery chain, to supply Planogram optimization software across their stores in the US.

Through this partnership, Plum Market will improve their End-to-end merchandising process management, Macro space management and Micro space optimization. They will also receive the latest innovation tool in Configurable auto-planogram generation, Store-specific planograms, and Native mobile apps for iOS and Android for merchandising task management.

LEAFIO has been selected based on its retail planning expertise and impressive track record with retail optimization. By working with LEAFIO, PLUM MARKET - an emerging food and beverage industry leader - will ensure that they have the right products available for their customers at the right place and at the right time, allowing them to increase sales.

Plum Market
Plum Market

LEAFIO’s planogramming tool will initially be used to manage FOOD and FRESH FOOD product categories. 

"We’re always looking for ways to innovate, and this partnership with LEAFIO enables automated planogram generation and optimization, execution control, and shelf space performance improvement," said Matt Jonna, Plum Market co-founder and CEO. “This is an exciting technology that will enhance our guests' shopping experience."

"Technological innovation is a key element of our strategy to ensure customer satisfaction through targeted and localized offers. We are proud to partner with Plum Market and help them improve retail planning,” says Alex Medwin, LEAFIO Inc. co-founder and CEO. "Even in uncertain times, Plum Market has prioritized investments in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that their customer experience remains first class. LEAFIO is excited to be a key part of their journey and has no doubt that we will see great results together.

Plum Market will be able to take full advantage of LEAFIO’s Planogram optimization solution and unified approach to optimization, allowing them to minimize management costs and maximize sales while ensuring that they can continue to deliver first-class customer service."

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