Epicenter K

The customer of Epicentr K has the opportunity to buy repair goods, flooring, garden and vegetable garden, home decor, tools, appliances, sports goods, household chemicals, and many other categories.


The largest chain of unique format shopping centers in Eastern Europe


75 shopping malls

Total assortment:

1,000,000 SKUs on display

Epicenter K is the largest retail chain of unique format shopping centers in Eastern Europe. It offers a wide range of non-food products and convenience services to customers, including repair goods, flooring, garden supplies, home decor, tools, appliances, sports goods, household cleaners and many other products.

The chain now has 75 shopping malls, and the approximate number of SKUs on display is 1,000,000.

Last year, Epicenter K chose LEAFIO as a cloud solution for shelf space management, which can create planograms based on retrospective data and build effective merchandising management.

The main objectives of the implementation of LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency in Epicenter K are to:

  • Build centralized layout management in the company
  • Unify work with the assortment throughout the network
  • Create a seamless merchandising business process to manage it

“We adhere to the policy that the LEAFIO solution does not work without prior team training and further customer support in scaling.”

Jane Medwin, Co-Founder

Therefore, at the beginning of the partnership, the following project tasks were defined:

  • Integration with the accounting system
  • Preparation and collection of the data necessary for the planogram building, namely the dimensions of goods and equipment. This information is needed for the further creation of positional planograms
  • Training of the team to work with the LEAFIO system. The Epicenter K team starts learning the system on a specially created platform where educational videos and other instructional materials are stored. Also, they attend a series of online classes with our specialists who share specific details and nuances that are specific to their field.
  • Creation of the planograms for 2 retail outlets

At the moment, the Epicenter K team is learning to work with the system. We have an exciting stage ahead of us, which will undoubtedly help us to achieve our goals.