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Revolutionized Shelf Space Management for Palmarket

A dynamic and renowned chain of 300 grocery stores in Mexico that manages 3000 SKUs. The company selected Shelf Efficiency to revolutionize the shelf space management to provide customers with an extraordinary shopping experience.


Superlettes Palmarket, a growing supermarket chain in Mexico, has chosen LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions, a provider of advanced retail automation technologies, to revolutionize the shelf space management of their stores. 

LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions is an international provider of AI/ML-based retail automation software with its representation in Mexico. LEAFIO’s cloud platform helps retailers in over 20 countries worldwide optimize their supply chains and operating costs, optimize planograms, automate replenishment, get the most accurate demand forecasts, and improve assortment performance and promotional execution.

Superlettes Palmarket is a rapidly expanding chain of supermarkets in Mexico which aims to provide customers with an extraordinary shopping experience, a good range of products at affordable prices. Although traditional trade (open-air markets, mom-and-pop stores) still accounts for 58% of the retail share, the supermarket sector has become more popular during the pandemic and is a very promising segment of commerce now . Therefore, it is not surprising that a relatively young chain under competent management and a considered strategy has quickly become popular.

Like many growing retailers, before implementing LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, Palmarket had little use for planograms and lacked in-depth analytics tools to make decisions about shaping and changing the display, as well as rotating products in the assortment. These processes were largely manual and based on the experience and understanding of the field staff. They relied mostly on POS sales data, sometimes resulting in wastage and overstocking. It was essential to find a solution that would not only fully automate the generation and management of planograms but provide a comprehensive analysis of each product’s performance to make informed decisions about purchases and assortment rotations.

"After a thorough evaluation and comparison with other software vendors, we chose the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution. The decision was made because of the outstanding capabilities of the system and the value proposition of the LEAFIO merchandising solution, as well as the intuitive interface and overall ease of use," says Angel Esau Au Flores, CEO of Superlettes Palmarket. "By implementing the system, we expect to standardize merchandising processes, improve the display cost efficiency and professionalism of our employees, increase sales and our customers' loyalty," he adds.

As Latin America's second-largest economy, Mexico continues its slow but steady recovery from the pandemic recession and growth despite a worsening international environment and rising inflation. But these negative issues have also impacted the retail sector and consumer behavior. According to Ernst & Young's 2022 study of consumption trends in Mexico, rising food prices have made Mexican consumers increasingly price-sensitive, returning many of them to more moderate consumption.

It is not surprising that more and more retailers are looking to streamline business processes and costs to give their customers the best experience at the best prices in the market. 

"We are excited to partner with Palmarket on its journey to growth and technological transformation. Their choice of LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency reflects the growing importance of innovative solutions in Mexico's competitive retail environment. It is an additional incentive for us to continuously develop and improve ourselves along with our customers. We are proud of our product, which compares favorably to more cumbersome solutions with its flexibility and functionality. Moreover it has a Spanish-language interface, which is important in the local IT solutions market," says Hector Rodriguez, the director of LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions Mexico.

Palmarket is a relatively young supermarket chain operating in Mexico, offering its customers a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices. The company is multiplying by opening medium-sized grocery stores (up to 3,000 SKUs) and providing an exceptional shopping experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

LEAFIO AI Retail Platform equips retailers with robust, agile, and adaptable automation solutions. It serves 160 retail companies in 18 countries, helping them gain a competitive edge in the market, increase resistance to disruption and generate more revenue with a higher margin. LEAFIO creates AI-driven software for retail supply chain processes, inventory optimization, merchandising management, assortment performance, and trade promotion forecasting.

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