Case Zgapari

Automated Merchandising Management for Zgapari

The chain of convenience stores in Georgia with 44 stores, each housing an average of 4,000 SKUs. The company selected Shelf Efficiency to amplify planogram alterations to a dynamic 4 times annually.


Zgapari, a chain of convenience stores in Georgia, established its first supermarket in 2006. Since then, the company has built up a network of supermarkets in four distinct formats, each tailored to the characteristics of the particular leased retail space. With 44 stores in total under its umbrella, each housing an average of 4,000 SKUs, Zgapari is unique in its unwavering commitment to competitive pricing, diverse assortment, and quality service.


The need to adopt a merchandising management system arose from Zgapari’s aspiration to amplify planogram alterations from 1–2 times a year to a dynamic 4 times annually.

Before partnering up with LEAFIO, Zgapari lacked a dedicated merchandising department and its category managers were required to craft excel-based block-planograms, physically arrange products on store shelves, and capture photographic references. These images then served as benchmarks for other outlets, leading to employees recreating the same layouts and submitting photo reports. However, the potential for deviations in such a system remain significant. For example, not all branches prepare reports all the time and Zgapari ends up losing control over the process. 

Targeted Improvement Areas for Zgapari:

  • agile alterations to planograms in alignment with assortment changes for uniformity across markets;
  • planogram management beyond visual principles to incorporate sales metrics, supplier agreements, and more;
  • comprehensive product data gathering from suppliers, including photos and dimensions.


Knowing its challenges and needs and following a meticulous market analysis, Zgapari opted for the integration of the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency automatic merchandising management system. So far, collaborative groundwork between Zgapari and LEAFIO experts has worked out the formulation of the right assortment matrix and initiated data collection from suppliers. These steps are already bound to enhance convenience and systematize Zgapari’s planogram management.

With the initial implementation phase underway, including automated data exchange with the ERP, setting up an ftp server, and LEAFIO installation, the collaboration between Zgapari and LEAFIO is off to a good start.. Subsequent phases will encompass planogram management module deployment and employee training. 

Post-implementation, LEAFIO's team will provide user support, provide analytics insights, and continue to configure the mobile application. There is no doubt that Zgapari's engagement with the merchandising management system will streamline its current operations and help Zgapari achieve its strategic achievements. LEAFIO is proud to be a part of that journey and help clients like Zgapari to efficiency and greater success in the future.

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