Casa Curata

Moldova Cumhuriyeti'nden drogerie mağazası "Casa Curata" (Temiz Ev), LEAFIO Raf Verimliliği ile bir raf alanı ve mağazacılık otomasyonu projesi başlattı.

Sağlık ve güzellik

The chain of drogerie stores, “Casa Curata” (Clean House), has started a shelf space and merchandising automation project with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency.

Casa Curata is a specialty chain of drogerie stores for household cleaners, personal care products, and cosmetics. Now the chain consists of 110 stores located throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

All the stores are divided into 6 formats depending on the space, volume, and location. This structure simplifies the management of the assortment matrix. Depending on the format, stores sell from 2,400 to 15,000 SKUs.

Why did Casa Curata drogerie stores decide to automate merchandising?

The decision to choose the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution was driven by the team’s desire to develop a solid merchandising business process aiming to digitize every stage and efficiently manage shelf space. The company needed a tool that would help:

  • create a general concept of shelf space management through format management;
  • create planograms and scale them faster;
  • evaluate planograms’ effectiveness;
  • make a quick rotation of the assortment (for example, during a seasonal rotation);
  • control compliance of planograms with the display on the store shelves.

Now the Casa Curata team is going through the project implementation stage, which includes integration with their ERP, collection of SKUs and equipment parameters, and training employees to work with Leafio Shelf Efficiency. After training, they will be able to work with all the solution’s tools and create planograms for the number of stores together with our implementers.

It will be a significant step toward scaling the shelf management business process in this drogerie chain.

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