Elektronik mağazaları dengesiz envanter sorunundan nasıl kurtuldu ve ciro oranları iyileşti. iStudio örneğini kullanarak manuel yönetimden envanter yönetiminin otomasyonuna geçiş.


Before the implementation

Before implementing the inventory management system software, iStudio faced the problem of unbalanced stock and the lack of an assortment matrix in the accounting system. All orders in the network were formed semi-automatically using an accounting system and Excel. The assortment was determined for each order based on suppliers’ residuals in manual mode. This approach to order formation required a lot of time and caused inevitable errors due to human factors. A surplus of low-margin SKUs and frozen capital in goods hindered network growth and scaling. The company needed to change its business processes and optimize inventory throughout the network. 

The main goals of the LEAFIO Inventory Optimization implementation project in the iStudio network were:

  • Reducing excess inventory and optimizing the assortment;
  • To improve turnover rates;
  • Order automation;
  • Assortment management automation.

Implementation process

At the initial implementation stage, a thorough analysis of business processes in the iStudio network was performed. The data from the customer’s inventory system was integrated with the LEAFIO solution. Before the launch, the implementation team held training sessions on the LEAFIO Inventory Optimization functionality for the store network employees. Further on, all of the main product categories were connected to the inventory management system. The system manages about 9,000 SKUs. 

In the course of implementation, LEAFIO was adapted to the requirements of the network, and processes were set up:

  • Buffer calculation (target stock level at each storage point) for each SKU;
  • Set up daily auto-order and send it to the central warehouse with the formation of cross-docking orders, depending on the schedule agreed with suppliers;
  • Daily review of the size of the buffer for goods that are managed by the system and, if necessary, recommendations are given for changing buffers;
  • tracking orders that are delayed or in transit because they affect the number of subsequent orders;
  • the ability to flexibly analyze key indicators in real time is implemented.

Project outcomes

The joint work of LEAFIO and iStudio resulted in the following:

  • Automated order process;
  • The inventory management process has become more transparent;
  • The stock in stores is formed taking into account the dynamics of sales;
  • Sales increased by 57% (with inventory growth of 27%);
  • The turnover rate improved by 36%;
  • Surplus merchandise was reduced;
  • Surplus is automatically redistributed to stores according to demand.
  • Significantly reduced the time for manual labor of all inventory processes.

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