Alkollü içecek mağazası

White&Dry (Mağazacılık)

Müşterimiz, otomasyon teknolojilerini ve raf düzeni optimizasyonunu benimseyen ve işi aktif olarak ölçeklendirirken üç bölgede 194 perakende satış noktasına sahip bir içki mağazası zinciridir.


Our customer is a liquor store chain with over 194 retail locations in three regions that have adopted automation technologies and shelf layout optimization while actively scaling the business

The project background 

The company was in a position to start space optimization solution implementation as means to increase profitability and operations efficiency during the major business growth phase.

Why LEAFIO Planogram Optimization?

LEAFIO AI Retail Solution was chosen as the most competitive vendoralong with the best in class mass planogram updates capabilities, planogram optimization, and performance monitoring along with extensive reports. 

Project objectives: 

  • centralize and unify macro space management;
  • introduce mass planogram management and updates;
  • align planogram management process between the headquarters and the retail outlets.

Project process

The initial stage consisted of planograms and store upload in the solutions. The team took action to create formatted planograms by auto-filling and auto-facing, and partially by importing the ready layout data. 

The company was one of the early adopters of the end-to-end assortment and planogram management tools that feature seamlessly connected web and mobile interfaces for effective headquarters-to-store communications. 

Project outcomes

The company has implemented not just an IT solution, but a fully-fledged merchandising business process with unified information about retail facilities, equipment and shelf space. Mass planograms were created throughout the retail chain resulting in micro space optimization. The diagram below (Appendix 1) shows the 2 months’ sales comparison before and after the LEAFIO Planogram Optimization implementation. 

All indicators in the main categories demonstrated substantial growth. 


Appendix 1. Sales per meter comparison before and after implementation.

The stores receive and perform tasks in a single system using the mobile app:

  • Remote layout management in stores. The screenshot below (Appendix 2) illustrates the planogram created in the LEAFIO Planogram Optimization solution;
  • Now stores receive tasks related to planogram changes directly to their mobile devices;
  • Reduced planogram generation time. The planogram contains goods photos, a table of changes, and information about each item;
  • The issue with the price tags update has been resolved by the barcode scanner, showing the price after the smartphone's camera scan;
  • Deadlines for tasks setting, completion and deviation are fixed.

Leafio Shelf layout tool

Appendix 2. A realogram and a planogram comparison.