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Making every trade promotion efficient in the era of AI

In this webinar, Inventory Optimization Expert Helen Schepanik uncovers efficient strategies of managing Trade Promotions in retail and outlines the way a retail business can become AI-ready with proper data strategy in place. Take a look at the complex requirements for the Trade Promotion Management solutions that ensure competitiveness and operational efficiency long term. This webinar is available on-demand.

Watch the recording to:

  • Find out what are the real consequences of inefficient trade promotion management for retail businesses.

  • Know what steps should you take now to become an AI-ready retail company.

  • Create internal alignment that will support seamless PROMO process management.

  • Calculate the potential for a revenue increase in Trade Promotion performance.

Watch the recording

Webinar speakers

Helen Kom
Product Director
Inventory Optimization program Product Director and efficient supply chain methodologist with over 100 project implementations in retail.
Vlad Lahoda
Vlad Lahoda
International Growth
Vlad is a passionate business growth professional that is inspired by the complexities and challenges of the Global Retail Supply Chain.