For over 15 years, we’ve followed our passion for providing reliable automation software in global retail.

We are driven by the impact we create for millions of retail customers throughout the world that want to buy products when and where needed, at a reasonable cost. In turn, our customers can operate more efficiently by leveraging state-of-the-art optimization software in routine-intensive areas of the retail supply chain. This lets them focus more on creating an outstanding customer experience that builds loyalty.

Our cloud-based technologies and our team's professionalism enable retail businesses to adopt transformations with higher reliability and speed. The reputation, relationships, and the success of over 160 projects delivered is only a fraction of what we aim to achieve in terms of efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and waste reduction in the future of the global retail supply chain.

Why Leafio?

Hidden within the beauty of leaves on a tree is a natural supply chain of vital nutrients that are delivered to the tree’s roots efficiently and seamlessly. At LEAFIO we admire this complexity and sophistication of the natural world and see the same basic workflows can be applied to supply chain efficiency in the retail space using software in our LEAFIO AI PLATFORM.

In principle, the platform does the hard work in the background so that our customers only see their efficient and continuously optimized retail business. And we do it in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner to reduce waste and emissions in the global supply chain.


Our Mission

At LEAFIO we work to Bring Innovations Closer
  • We focus on providing the best services at the best price for our clients.
  • We don't spend millions of dollars on sales executives and marketing campaigns, but we do invest in high-quality software engineering and innovations.
  • We provide full-cycle services for retail companies, including business process consulting, software integration, personnel training, piloting, and dedicated customer success planning at the best price on the market.

The business value we create for customers

  • Increasing sales, improving turnover, eliminating financial losses

  • Increasing revenue and margins

  • Accelerating and ensuring the accuracy of routine tasks

  • Optimization and centralization of retail management and planning

  • Ensuring the reliability and safety of business processes, prevention of failures in supply, sales, merchandising communications, etc

  • Detailed analysis of forecasting tools for key performance indicators based on existing and planned activities to make the right managerial decisions for retail development

What we do to achieve the mission

We are heavily investing in the research and development of the most up-to-date cloud solutions for retail. We are constantly optimizing and improving the functionality of our products based on our own research and feedback from our customers.

What we do to achieve the mission
What we do to achieve the mission

Cloud technologies increase data processing speed and simplify access management. Software code reliability and data centers security are one of our top priorities. Our team is works tirelessly to make a complex enterprise-grade interface user-friendly and straightforward while delivering our promise on the best money-to-value ratio.

We invest money and effort in the development of a team focused on the success of the client's business:

  • Our staff consists of 180 employees focused on providing comprehensive assistance to the client. We have the ideal balance of retail experts who understand retailers' problems and IT specialists who understand the development goals of retail experts;
  • Our dedicated staff of programmers continuously work on improving the software algorithms for retail management. Unlike desktop products developed decades ago, we keep up with the times and try to stay ahead of retail automation trends by creating our own unique solutions;
  • We have created a separate team to support our customers' success. Each client has a dedicated success manager, who is engaged in consulting and technical support throughout the entire project and is financially motivated to increase efficiency for the client.


We are young and vigorous. We travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle. Our office parties are bright and memorable. Democratic corporate culture of our company motivates and inspires. Bright identities naturally complement each other and owing to it, all our projects are successful.

Implementation success

We use repeatedly tested and proven technologies and take on as much of the transition load as possible to ensure easy adoption of LEAFIO platform. Implementation stages:

  • Interface and key features overview in a tailored live demo
  • Retail verticalization consulting
  • Process simulation based on a fragment of historical ERP export data
  • Potential improvement and ROI projection
  • Pilot launch. Customers' ERP is integrated with our platform for seamless data exchange, configuration, and test launch. We set a fixed budget, regardless of additional complexities that come up during the implementation, and provide a 1-month free subscription to help with the final decision on solution scaling
  • Our comprehensive solution training program guarantees that all employees and the management team feels comfortable navigating and configuring LEAFIO solutions
  • Our five-star customer success service team is dedicated to continuous post-implementation efficiency improvement through indicators monitoring, new releases and training, and optimization consulting

The companies
that use the system

Our clients work in various industries: retail (food, non-food),
distribution, manufacturing, goods delivery and others

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