Our vision is to make the future accountable

For more than 15 years, LEAFIO has been a trusted partner for retailers, distributors, and CPG manufacturers on their journey to building cost-effective supply chains and attaining operational excellence.

With our game-changing automation solutions, we help companies minimize errors and boost productivity while maximizing profits and enabling sustainable growth and competitiveness.


We draw our inspiration from the magnificent simplicity and diversity found in nature when designing our AI Retail Solutions. Just like the intricate supply chain found within the leaves of a tree, we embrace the natural efficiency and seamless delivery of vital products that nature has achieved in its complexity.

LEAFIO’s tools harness the complexity, revolutionize supply chain efficiency, and bring cutting-edge technology right to your fingertips on our user-friendly AI PLATFORM. With LEAFIO handling all the complexity behind the scenes, you can easily ensure that your retail operations are seamless and optimized. You will never miss any opportunities or incur financial losses.

We are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices that will empower you to unlock the untapped potential of your retail business, increase sales, and bolster turnover while minimizing waste and reducing emissions in the global supply chain.

With LEAFIO, you will

Access the experience of 180+ retail chains’ in the solution engine

Receive AI-powered system tips for informed decision making

Accelerate routine tasks and ensurе their accuracy

Be assisted and supported in solving non-trivial tasks

Prevent failures in supply, sales, merchandising communications

Increase revenue and margins


We aim to provide the best services at the best price without spending millions on sales executives and marketing campaigns. Our investments focus on high-quality software engineering and innovations.

We are committed to providing full-cycle services for retail companies including business process consulting, software integration, and personnel training as well as piloting and providing dedicated customer success planning.

What we do to achieve the mission

It takes a village to create and run a successful business and our goal is to help businesses of all types achieve the best performance regardless of location, language, or scale.

Worldwide reach

With offices on different continents, we make sure that large corporations as well as small family-owned companies in every corner of the world have the same opportunities to innovate and thrive. A SaaS-based solution allows you to access the system from anywhere and any device.

Intelligent simplicity

Our system interface is simple, intuitive, and offers intelligent tips based on big data analysis using sophisticated algorithms. Different language versions allow clients from multiple countries to easily enjoy the benefits of the system.

Flexibility and scalability

We work intensively with our clients to understand their unique requirements and offer customized solutions that fit their needs, budget and resources. We have made our software so flexible that it can be easily integrated into businesses of any stage of development, with any level of automation and accounting systems.

Ongoing support and consulting

LEAFIO is not about selling tools but about bringing a way of thinking and well-established business processes to life. We take on not only mentoring and training staff, but also provide ongoing support and consulting to make sure the technology is used to its full potential and drives profit.

The Team we are proud of

We are young and vigorous. We travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle.

Our office parties are bright and memorable. Democratic corporate culture of our company motivates and inspires. Bright identities naturally complement each other and owing to it, all our projects are successful.

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