For more than 15 years, we've been following our passion for Bring Innovations Closer to Retailers. We help retailers to earn more, make fewer mistakes and work more efficiently by using advanced software to streamline routine supply chain processes.

Our cloud-based technologies and our team's professionalism enable retail businesses to adopt transformations with higher reliability and speed and create an outstanding customer experience that builds loyalty.

We've already helped more than 180 retail chains in 20 countries achieve efficiencies and we feel the power to spread our technologies worldwide and lead retailers to a significantly new level of financial performance and transparency in supply chain processes.

Why Leafio?

LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions are inspired by nature as all complex processes look so simple at glance. Our tools are streamlined and easy to use despite the complexity of the leading-edge technologies, LEAFIO Software is accelerated with.

Hidden within the beauty of leaves on a tree is a natural supply chain of vital nutrients that are delivered to the tree’s roots efficiently and seamlessly. At LEAFIO we admire this complexity and sophistication of the natural world and see the same basic workflows can be applied to supply chain efficiency in the retail space using software in our LEAFIO AI PLATFORM.

The platform does the hard work in the background so that our customers only see their efficient and continuously optimized retail business. And we do it in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner to reduce waste and emissions in the global supply chain.

Increasing sales, improving turnover, eliminating financial losses.



At LEAFIO we work to Bring Innovations Closer
  • We focus on providing the best services at the best price for our clients.
  • We don't spend millions of dollars on sales executives and marketing campaigns, but we do invest in high-quality software engineering and innovations.
  • We provide full-cycle services for retail companies, including business process consulting, software integration, personnel training, piloting, and dedicated customer success planning at the best price on the market.

The business value we create for customers

  • 100+ retail chains’ experience inside the solution engine

  • A new level of transparency and visibility

  • Increasing revenue and margins

  • Accelerating and ensuring the accuracy of routine tasks

  • Ensuring the reliability and safety of business processes

  • Prevention of failures in supply, sales, merchandising communications

The Team we are proud of

We are young and vigorous. We travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle. Our office parties are bright and memorable. Democratic corporate culture of our company motivates and inspires. Bright identities naturally complement each other and owing to it, all our projects are successful.


  • icon-Technologies


    Our solutions contain the experience and best practices of more than 100 retail chains and are accelerated with cutting-edge AI technologies. The visual design allows you to work with big data simply and understandably.

  • icon-Implementation


    Feel gentle but strong support on your way to changes. Our implementation team is ready to go the extra mile to achieve results at any cost and within a fixed budget.

  • icon-Customer Success

    Customer Success

    No limit to live communications and training. We work as one team with the client to achieve its business goals. Quarterly goals to enforce ongoing improvement process.

Leadership Team


Our clients work in various industries: retail (food, non-food), distribution, manufacturing, goods delivery and others

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