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Assortment Optimization In Retail

Create your assortment management strategy, manage categories and clusters on a daily basis, stay up to date on what business performance indicators can be improved, and save time on reporting.
The LEAFIO solution provides you with an efficient set of tools to ensure the high quality of your merchandise assortment planning as well as the efficiency and profitability of your company.

image - Assortment Optimization In Retail image - Assortment Optimization In Retail


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    Lack of time to address strategic issues.
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    Guided only by intuition when making decisions.
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    Lack of ability to adapt to market changes quickly.
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    Non-systematic approach to managing product assortment in retail industry.
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    Non-standardized and centralized approach to analytical data handling.
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    Lack of transparency in reporting, which can lead to misperceptions of data in assortment planning in retail.
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Our main goal is to speed up business processes, make merchandise assortment planning more transparent for offline and online retailers, and simplify this process with the help of AI.

LEAFIO Assortment solution features

  • image-Assortment management insights created with Machine Learning
image-Assortment management insights created with Machine Learning

    Assortment management insights created with Machine Learning

    The retail assortment planning software constantly analyzes the changes being made in categories, as well as their results. Based on them, LEAFIO Assortment Performance offers qualitatively profound improvements that will help you work more efficiently with product assortment in retail.

  • image-Strategic vision of the assortment management image-Strategic vision of the assortment management

    Strategic vision of the assortment management

    Create a strategy for your categories and regularly check its compliance with the results in LEAFIO Assortment Performance. AI tips will highlight what you should pay attention to in order to achieve your goals.

  • image-Store clustering
image-Store clustering

    Store clustering

    Smart automatic clustering with the ability to quickly make adjustments. The retail assortment planning software features store grouping, or you can cluster them “manually” based on the parameters you need. Thus, you can track the indicators of specific outlets that you need.

  • image-Formation of the assortment optimization in retail business process
image-Formation of the assortment optimization in retail business process

    Formation of the assortment optimization in retail business process

    Use LEAFIO's full suite of tools to organize the assortment management process within your category, taking into account such stages as planning, analysis, adjustment and optimization.

  • image-Dive into all category levels to make data-driven decisions
image-Dive into all category levels to make data-driven decisions

    Dive into all category levels to make data-driven decisions

    You can dive into the details of your product assortment in retail category and determine which SKUs are underperforming, how new products perform, which SKUs are missing in which stores, and much more.

  • image-Detailed and deep analytics of product assortment in retail image-Detailed and deep analytics of product assortment in retail

    Detailed and deep analytics of product assortment in retail

    Within the framework of the system, reports are implemented: “Planned-Factual”, SKU sales dynamics, analysis of suppliers and customers, balances, new products, and lost sales. If a category or SKU has potential for improvement, the system will always show you what to look for.

  • image-Convenient and accessible interface
image-Convenient and accessible interface

    Convenient and accessible interface

    With LEAFIO Assortment Performance, everyone in charge of product assortment in retail will have quick access to visually understandable sales data and category status.

The Benefits Of Assortment Optimization in retail by LEAFIO

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    Ability to create an assortment management strategy based on matrix or inventory stocks quickly and efficiently.
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    AI assistant that regularly suggests what can be improved in your day-to-day operations based on merchandise assortment planning your strategy.
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    Easy-to-read, in-depth category analytics to boost profits and reduce lost sales. LEAFIO covers all levels of the assortment matrix.
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    Unified category management process based on data-driven decisions. We strive to minimize the effect of an intuitive approach in retail assortment planning.
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    Save time on hundreds of reports related to product assortment in retail. There is no need to do dozens of pivot tables to see which SKUs perform less. Do several clicks and get a necessary report at once.
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    Stock quantity optimization. With the assortment planning software insights and deep analytics, you will take control over SKUs, categories, and their statuses to improve KPIs.
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Suitable for all retail verticals for assortment planning in retail: grocery, supermarket, drogery, health&beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet store


Become an early adopter and get access to the beta version

  • Implementation and support service 

    After integrating and loading the initial data related to product assortment in retail, we teach the key users how to use the solution. Your personal Customer Success Manager will help you operate with all the features of the system and answer all your questions.

  • Easy to use solution for retail assortment planning

    Using the product does not require long training. We conducted UX testing of each module of the product, so the interface is intuitive and simple.

  • Unique product experience

    The product, in terms of ease of management and functionality, has no analogues among existing systems for assortment planning in retail. Also, you can influence the product development with your reviews.

  • Innovative approach to assortment management

    You will be among the first to use this kind of solution in your industry. You can make this tool your competitive advantage, and all the improvements you need will be taken into account in subsequent releases.

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Increase sales and profitability with efficient assortment planning in retail!

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