The next level of inventory management for E-Commerce

With the cutting-edge LEAFIO’s solution, get more accurate demand forecasts, a higher level of supply chain automation and product visibility across all sales channels. Provide your customers with maximum product availability, optimal assortment and price offers.

The next level of inventory management for E-Commerce

Redefine E-commerce excellence via advanced inventory optimization and assortment planning

Ensuring maximum product availability for customers with minimal overstock

For online commerce, the availability of the product a customer needs is critical. If at least one of the necessary items is out of stock, the online customer is more likely to abandon the cart and move on to another site. At the same time, 100% availability is sometimes fraught with write-offs if demand is miscalculated.

How this is handled with LEAFIO:

  • Machine learning-based demand forecasting takes into account most of the factors that affect demand: seasonal and intra-week fluctuations, holidays, promotions, etc.

  • The automatic replenishment system will order exactly as much product as is needed on a particular day to meet expected demand.

  • Algorithms will take into account lead times, goods in transit, package size, expiration dates, and remaining goods in stock.

  • The system will automatically calculate the necessary stock depending on the supplier's level of reliability.

  • The solution ensures maximum product availability across all channels and helps reduce the abandoned cart share.

Lack of complete inventory visibility across all sales channels

Managing inventory in a multi-channel environment and allocating it between channels and online stores is a challenge for e-commerce businesses. Another challenge is ensuring high visibility and inventory planning for each channel according to rapidly changing demand and frequent product returns.

LEAFIO allows you to:

  • Fully automate the replenishment process, taking into account all channels from the time demand is calculated to the time the supplier receives the order;

  • Provide a transparent and efficient inventory management process at all levels of the supply chain without manual intervention;

  • Have accurate inventory visibility, taking into account sales and product movement through all sales channels.

Choosing the optimal assortment in a highly competitive and frequently changing demand environment

Having an assortment that is in demand is an important prerequisite for online commerce. If it doesn't meet customer needs, a retailer risks both under-sales and over-sales. With this limitation, the return on a square foot/meter of shelf becomes critical to profitability.

What does LEAFIO do to ensure you have a competitive assortment?

  • The solution helps you analyze the performance of your assortment by store, supplier, category and SKU;

  • The system allows you to quickly determine which products are sales drivers, and which are worth eliminating from your assortment or paying special attention to their promotion;

  • The algorithms predict demand for new products most accurately, allowing you to expand/change the assortment without risks of overstock;

  • The system prompts which goods should be removed from the assortment and helps to do it softly and without losses.

Effective management of a high share of promotions

Special offers are an important sales driver for online commerce. Therefore, a lack of promotional items will not only lead to the loss of one sale but possibly the loss of a customer. On the other hand, striving to provide enough promotional items often leads to write-offs and spoilage of goods.

The LEAFIO Promotion Intelligence system will allow you to:

  • Forecast sales and automatically generate orders for future promotions;

  • Calculate order timing for timely preparation for the beginning of the promotion, so that the goods do not arrive earlier or later than necessary;

  • Promptly replenish stock of goods during the campaign, adapting to the current demand;

  • Decrease stock in time for the end of the promotion to avoid overstock and write-offs;

  • Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of promotional campaigns in accordance with the adopted strategy for further improvement of promotional processes.

Timely adaptation of inventories to sudden fluctuations in demand

Demand in online stores and darkstores can fluctuate depending on the days of the week. Under such conditions, with manual calculations or an insufficient forecasting system, it's easy to make critical errors, resulting in missed sales or write-offs.

LEAFIO’s AI-based solution enables online- and darkstores:

  • Automatically calculate and apply an index of demand variability by day of the week for more accurate ordering;

  • Ensure maximum availability of perishable products with minimal write-offs;

  • Take into account current inventory levels, supplier package size and goods-in-transit when ordering;

  • Exclude one-time atypical fluctuations in demand from the calculations, so you don't get inflated follow-up orders.

Respond to seasonal fluctuations in demand in advance

Demand for items in online stores fluctuates greatly depending on the time of year or holidays. If the sales forecast is inaccurate, there is a high chance of missed sales or overstocking. It's important to keep an eye on not only the timely availability of seasonal products but also the relevance of the assortment.

How this is solved with LEAFIO:

  • The system automatically calculates and applies seasonality factors for regular assortment and seasonal goods.

  • LEAFIO has a set of scenarios that can be applied depending on the market situation. This helps calculate order accuracy.

  • AI-based forecasting, together with auto-ordering, helps you buy as much product as you need and when you need it to meet seasonal customer demand.

  • The solution will help you adapt your assortment to market trends and the regional characteristics of your target audience.

Reach a balance between availability and fewer write-offs

Our E-Commerce retail customers typically enjoy the following results


more sales


faster turnover


less overstock


less manual labor


waste reduction


less lost sales

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