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Auto-planogram generation

auto-planogram generation

Stop balancing between quality and quantity of planogram generation. With auto-planogram feature you’ll improve the market responsiveness meeting customers’ demands and sales performance.

image - Configurable <br>auto-planogram generation image - Configurable <br>auto-planogram generation

LEAFIO configurable auto-planogram generation:

  • image-Unified fixture and SKU library image-Unified fixture and SKU library

    Unified fixture and SKU library

    Using the LEAFIO platform, you can specify the SKUs’ dimensions and draw fixtures with their actual length, height, and depth. Collection of such a base optimizes the goods display: with no empty or flimsy looking packed shelves.

  • image-Automatic display based on desired indicators (sales, profit, ABC analysis, supplier and much more) image-Automatic display based on desired indicators (sales, profit, ABC analysis, supplier and much more)

    Automatic display based on desired indicators (sales, profit, ABC analysis, supplier and much more)

    Within the LEAFIO platform, you can develop a display based on sales, profit, merchandise inventory, or sort SKUs according to the desired indicators (ABC analysis, brand, supplier etc), and determine the percentage of product exposure with retail shelving. You can also make point changes with drag-and-drop function.

  • image-Organizing shelf space according to the drawn blocks image-Organizing shelf space according to the drawn blocks

    Organizing shelf space according to the drawn blocks

    The LEAFIO shelf management system solution makes it possible to draw several planogram blocks inside the fixtures, taking into account product categories and certain shares, depending on the agreements with suppliers. You can set your own set of automatic display rules for each block. When copying, the rules set for the block are saved and applied to the new fixtures.

  • image-Mass Updates image-Mass Updates

    Mass Updates

    The platform has a mass updates function to speed up working with planograms. You can add or remove items in specific planograms of different stores with just a few clicks.

  • image- Visual and tabular analytics image- Visual and tabular analytics

    Visual and tabular analytics

    You have permanent access to planogram analytics within which you can analyze whether the planogram is constructed correctly and upload reports in it for further work. You will have access to the widest possible range of indicators for a multi-analysis of your display.

  • image-Your planogram is ready for assignment to a store employee image-Your planogram is ready for assignment to a store employee

    Your planogram is ready for assignment to a store employee

    An automatic planogram created in the LEAFIO platform with one click is sent as a task to an employee’s mobile application in stores. Within the system, you can control deadlines, task status and final results.

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Optimize your merchandising workflow, increasing your profits, and making your display even more efficient.
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Auto-planogram advantages

less labor costs
assortment optimization
more profit on sales


Using the LEAFIO planogram generator feature, you can quickly create an automated display sorted out according to the desired parameters, provide SKU rotation, and most importantly, perform sales indicators for specific categories and a retail store in general.

  • icon-Shelf space optimization icon-hover-Shelf space optimization

    Shelf space optimization

    With the autofacing function, you set the conditions for creating a display: the requirements and indicators you have chosen are taken into account (sorted by price, supplier, brand share on the shelf, etc.). To prevent lost sales, LEAFIO Planogram Optimization generates a display on the shelf, taking into account the fixtures parameters and the shelf stock.
  • icon-Planograms scaling icon-hover-Planograms scaling

    Planograms scaling

    Using LEAFIO Planogram optimization, you can quickly rotate the product range throughout the retail chain, replacing one product with another. Using the data from ERP, you can control the product range update at POSs and send tasks for changes on the shelf to an employee in stores.
  • icon-Unified display across the chain icon-hover-Unified display across the chain

    Unified display across the chain

    The system contains all available items in your retail chain, as well as up-to-date information on the stock balances. With this in mind, you can create a visual merchandising planogram based on the parameters you need and at the same time make it understandable for store employees. And the unified display of goods in stores makes it convenient for chain customers to find them, which makes their experience with the service and the average sales better.
  • icon-Staff time optimization icon-hover-Staff time optimization

    Staff time optimization

    Automated displays are 4 times faster compared to manual planogram generation. Thus, you can minimize the human factor of influence on the sorting of products according to the necessary rules.
    And due to thoughtful planograms and customized mobile applications, the number of staff influencing the shelf is reduced.

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LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Features:

  • Shelf Efficiency Analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, find bottlenecks in them and quickly improve your KPIs. Get all the necessary information and deliver it to the responsible manager to make data-driven decisions.

  • Store-specific planograms

    Improve store-specific performance by developing profitable planograms considering each store's turnover, stock, and general demand indicators instead of the entire chain.

  • Macro space optimization

    Digitize store floors to get maximum data and achieve higher SPSF/SPSM. You can easily manage growth effectively, monitor performance, and optimize labor cost and space planning.