Freshness for customers - reduced waste for groceries

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Build an efficient multi-echelon supply chain, optimize inventory, automate replenishment, create planograms, and maximize the margin per foot/meter of a shelf with our grocery software. Keep track of the inventory status and all current stock issues with a visual dashboard. Use the mobile application to monitor merchandising standards implementation.

Freshness for customers - reduced waste for groceries

Turn the challenges grocery stores face into automated routines and profit opportunities

Ensuring high fresh and ultra fresh products availability with fewer write-offs

Food retailers face challenges with fresh products, which often carry a high risk of markdowns and write-offs. For products with a short shelf life that should be sold on the same day, 100% on-shelf availability means that there will always be write-offs or discounts unless the forecast is constantly accurate on a particular day for a particular store. 

LEAFIO Inventory Optimization allows you to:

  • Fully automate the replenishment of fresh products;

  • Build the most accurate forecasts for maximum availability and minimal write-offs;

  • Take into account the remaining shelf life of goods when they hit the shelf;

  • Adapt to fluctuations in demand during the week;

  • Reduce waste, markdowns, and write-offs with minimal manual intervention.

Frequent markdowns due to limited shelf life and overestimated promotional sales forecast

There are dozens of SKUs on your supermarket shelves with different expiration dates, which are often quite limited. An excess of expired items leads to multiple markdowns, as well as errors in forecasting promotional sales when stock far exceeds demand. Markdowns always mean a loss of possible profit.

What does the LEAFIO grocery store software do?

  • Manages inventory considering the products’ expiration dates;

  • When planning, takes into account most of the possible factors affecting demand;

  • Places the most accurate orders, including for promotional goods;

  • Reduces write-offs by an average of 20%, excess inventory by 30%;

  • Minimizes the need for markdowns and unplanned sales.

Just-in-time adaptation of inventories to sharp intra-week demand fluctuations

In a supermarket, consumer demand for different products may vary depending on the days of the week. The demand for some goods increases on Friday, and for others mostly on the weekend. Moreover, in different stores of the chain, demand spikes may also differ. Given the number of SKUs, it becomes incredibly labor-intensive to manage the replenishment process effectively.

We have developed functionality that allows you to:

  • Automatically calculate and apply the demand index by day of the week;

  • Make accurate orders based on actual demand changes during the week, supplier schedules, and delivery options;

  • Efficiently manage the inventory of hundreds of supermarkets with different assortment features;

  • Adapt to intraweek fluctuations in demand, avoiding lost sales and write-offs.

Handling with unbalanced stocks: overstocks in some stores and out-of-stocks in others for the same skus

The uneven distribution of stocks throughout the chain can result from initial miscalculations in the order formation and unexpected surges in demand for a particular product. As a result, some stores freeze funds in dead stock, while others lose sales due to product shortages. In either case, it leads to losses for the business as a whole.

The LEAFIO grocery software helps retailers:

  • Determine how a surplus of a product in one store can cover the demand for the same product in other stores;

  • Intelligently stock up the chain using an internal resource;

  • Automatically create replenishment orders, considering multiple demand factors to avoid both shortages and overstock;

  • Timely detect inventory issues and monitor the amount of assets frozen in stocks;

  • To control SKU availability throughout the chain and reallocate any of them if necessary;

  • Filling empty space on shelf with SKU rotation if product shortages occur.

Inventory management challenges for cafes, culinary and ready-made products at supermarkets

Most supermarkets acquire their own kitchens, where a wide range of food is prepared on-site, which can easily compete with cafes and restaurants. However, if poorly executed, this can be costly and cause significant food waste.

LEAFIO’s AI-based software for grocery stores allows you to:

  • Most accurately predict the demand for dishes and products to go;

  • Replenish the components based on delivery time, expiration date;

  • Provide your kitchen with the necessary products with minimal surplus and waste.

Creating numerous planograms of different display types

The location of goods on the sales floor may change due to a promotion, during a season of increased sales, or by agreement with suppliers, etc. Since this can be a short period, the store staff must make the necessary changes to the display in a timely manner.

The LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution enables you to:

  • Consider and visualize different types of layouts;

  • Automatically create planograms for temporary display;

  • At the end of the promotion or agreement with the supplier, automatically replace the temporary planogram with a permanent one;

  • Through a mobile application, quickly check whether store employees have made changes to the display;

  • Determine the effectiveness of layout methods using informative analytical reports;

  • Create format planograms for a stores cluster so that when changes are made, they are simultaneously visible and implemented for a group of supermarkets.

Proving that merchandising can increase sales and assist commercial managers to achieve their kpis

Since supermarkets have both global brands and their own imports/private labels, it is essential to display goods in such a way that agreements with suppliers are fulfilled, the assortment brings sales, and it is not full of passive goods. In short, the more profit the product brings, the more facings it should have on a shelf.

With LEAFIO grocery software, in a few clicks, you can:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of the layout and its impact on sales in real-time;

  • Analyze margin per foot/meter;

  • Rotate the assortment based on the conducted ABC analysis;

  • Change the layout based on in-depth analytics recommendations;

  • Replace sold-out items with analogs and goods from new batches.

Keeping the display neat when customers are always striving to "break" it

As they shop, buyers often move goods on a shelf or a sales floor, leaving items in places where they shouldn’t be. Therefore, it is important to control the accuracy of the layout and its compliance with planograms. This is especially true during holidays and promotions.

LEAFIO’s mobile application allows you to:

  • Quickly check the order on the sales floor, the compliance of the layout with the planogram, and the general rules of merchandising;

  • Promptly set merchandising tasks for store employees and check their implementation;

  • Build effective communication between office and store employees, exchanging timely feedback.

Reach a balance between availability and fewer write-offs with LEAFIO AI software for grocery stores

Our grocery and supermarkets customers typically enjoy the following results


more sales


faster turnover


less overstock


less manual labor


waste reduction


less lost sales

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