Leafio Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization

Designed to autonomously forecast, plan demand, execute order generation automatically, replenish on time and keep every level of the supply chain balanced in an environment of low predictability and constant change. Self-regulating algorithms guarantee highly accurate orders, sales growth, turnover improvement and waste reduction.

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Inventory optimization for balanced supply chain

Leverage the power of replenishment algorithms to keep your focus on gaining the competitive advantage and grow your business, profit, and customer loyalty

Automate supply chain processes, build resilience to disruption, gain insights on the future.



The objectives of the solution implementation project were: increase inventory turnover and improve the SKU service level at our locations. I'm proud to say that all goals have been reached as we have achieved a significant decrease of overstock levels and an increase of product availability on the shelves. The customers can now see the improvements - all products introduced to the stores are available for purchase.

Toy House
Toy House , Head of Supply Chain

Anyone who is planning to implement automation of inventory management should embrace the Leafio solution. The Leafio team will definitely lead your company to positive results and open new business development opportunities. In our experience, we can say that it is simply a MUST HAVE in today's retail environment. Your customers will find what they are looking for on the shelves, which builds loyalty, and in the long run, will bring success to your business.

Lafar , General Director

The Leafio team has a deep understanding of all inventory management processes, clear methodology, high-quality software, and very respectful consulting and technical support, both during the implementation and during the period after its completion. Don`t be afraid to use Leafio. Everything will work out. Please realize that each of your employees will work more efficiently, staying in their comfort zone. They will finally realize that this is an automation of the process and that it will be beneficial not only for them but also for the company as a whole. I would like to encourage future clients to be sure - Leafio team`ll help with inventory optimization and process automation. Have faith in yourself, have faith in Leafio.

Maxibuild , Head of the Building Department

During the year, we opened 23 new stores that were connected to the Leafio system. When we switched to centralized ordering, our surplus was decreased. We reduced the amount of time we spent on managing inventory in stores. The program does not work on forecasting but is based on demand. Because of this, we are managing inventory and product availability incredibly well, which is very important to the customer.

Lotok Markets
Lotok Markets , Chief Executive Officer

The implementation project lasted less than 4 months. The Leafio team responded very quickly to all our questions and problems. We built the work of the new department in the company step by step. The way the system works now, the focus is on the highly-rated products. Today, more than 50% of all stores are automated and all the shelves are visible online, so you can see every aspect of sales efficiency at any time of the year. We will have a powerful tool to use in our next negotiations with suppliers.

Firkan , Marketing Director

Leafio took the utmost care in our transition to an auto-replenishment system and minimized all losses. After the implementation, we avoided overstocks at the stores and did not face any new losses, although there were expectations of sagging inventory turnover rates and warehouse overload. The Leafio implementation team supported us at every stage, visited us, consulted, and tried to simplify the process as much as possible. The system started ordering better and more efficiently than our employees! It identifies residual sales figures more clearly and also does not react emotionally to a surge in sales like a human would. It also protects against unexpected spikes in sales.

Bee Market
Bee Market

We made our orders based on forecasts made by the commercial sales department. But these forecasts were always accompanied by some emotional components of the people who made them. For example, they would overestimate the demand, so we would get an overstock. The Leafio system, however, is unemotional and uses only facts and numbers.



Streamline processes, gain a competitive edge and take your business to the next level



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Novus case study

Novus Supermarket chain is one of the TOP 10 retailers in its market. 82 supermarkets. 40,000 SKUs.

    • 10%

      More sales

    • 15%

      Improved turnover

    • 11%

      Less stock

    • 98%

      SKU service level

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Liquor store

The “White&Dry” is a dynamically developing liquor store chain, with 194 convenience stores and 2,000 active SKUs from different parts of the world.

    • 56%

      More sales

    • 36%

      Increased turnover

    • 30%

      Stock reduction

    • 5%

      Less lost sales

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EVRIKA is a consumer electronics retail chain that offers mobile gadgets and household electronics in 38 mini, middle, and superstores across 25 cities that carry up to 15,000 products.

    • 50%

      Reduction of surplus

    • 100%

      Improvement of turnover

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Bee Market

European retail chain consisting of 38 stores and distribution centers with 15,000 SKUs specializing in food products as well as an in-house production.

    • 7%

      sales growth

    • 80%

      automated orders

    • 8%

      improved turnover

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Lotok is a retail chain that currently has 104 various points of sale: supermarkets, convenience stores, and minimarkets.

    • 95%

      of product availability

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