LEAFIO Inventory Optimization Software

AI-driven Retail Inventory Optimization Software

Easily optimize your inventory management and get more sales with lower inventory costs, autonomously forecast and plan demand, automate order generation, replenish on time, and ensure seamless operations at all levels of the supply chain in an environment of low predictability and constant change.

image - AI-driven Retail Inventory Optimization Software image - AI-driven Retail Inventory Optimization Software

Increase the turnover and profitability of your retail

Switch your retail inventory system in stores and warehouses to autopilot mode and increase the turnover and profitability of your business with the LEAFIO Inventory Optimization software.

LEAFIO retail inventory software is the ultimate cloud-based solution for managers and business owners who seek:

  • icon-Streamline Operations and Boost Profitability icon-hover-Streamline Operations and Boost Profitability

    Streamline Operations and Boost Profitability

    Ways to reduce labor costs for ordering necessary products, increase sales and provide inventory balance-level analysis.
  • icon-Prevent Stock Management Errors icon-hover-Prevent Stock Management Errors

    Prevent Stock Management Errors

    Tools for improving the accuracy of stock and store orders to prevent errors that lead to surplus and shortage of goods.
  • icon-Gain Transparency into Stock-Flow icon-hover-Gain Transparency into Stock-Flow

    Gain Transparency into Stock-Flow

    Making information on stock-flow and movement of goods in stores more timely and transparent.
  • icon-Simplify Your Stock Management icon-hover-Simplify Your Stock Management

    Simplify Your Stock Management

    Retail inventory optimization solution consolidation in a unified environment.
  • icon-Optimize Your Inventory Efficiency icon-hover-Optimize Your Inventory Efficiency

    Optimize Your Inventory Efficiency

    Inventory optimization software for efficiency analysis.
  • icon-Revolutionize Your Retail Chain icon-hover-Revolutionize Your Retail Chain

    Revolutionize Your Retail Chain

    Affordable price for an innovative solution for both large and small retail chains.
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LEAFIO's AI and ML-based technologies guarantee highly accurate orders, sales growth, improved turnover, and waste reduction.

Retail inventory optimization software features

LEAFIO AI retail inventory optimization software is not simply a replenishment automation tool. We have spent years of research to understand the challenges of modern supply chains for retail deeply. As a result, we have developed an innovative retail inventory software.

  • image-Smart auto-ordering system: <br>The heart of retail store inventory management software image-Smart auto-ordering system: <br>The heart of retail store inventory management software

    Smart auto-ordering system:
    The heart of retail store inventory management software

    Using an automatic ordering system, you can generate and send orders to external suppliers or your warehouse automatically without any intervention from demand planners. Retail store inventory optimization software provides several functional blocks that factor in the specifics of all categories of goods at all levels of the supply chain.

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  • image-Intelligent dashboard: A new level of managers’ engagement image-Intelligent dashboard: A new level of managers’ engagement

    Intelligent dashboard: A new level of managers’ engagement

    People are involved in the inventory management process. Even with a high level of process automation and the use of AI, human influence is very important – it is the manager who takes a critical look at the situation and makes managerial decisions. If there is a need to change delivery schedules because of an imbalance in supplies, withdraw SKUs from the product range, or add necessary but missing information about the upcoming promo, it is done by managers.

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  • image-Promotional excellence: Planning and execution image-Promotional excellence: Planning and execution

    Promotional excellence: Planning and execution

    The promotional excellence functional block allows you to prepare for a planned promotional activity timely, automatically receive a calculated promotional forecast, adapt the stock to the actual promotional sales, complete it with the minimum stock, and analyze its effectiveness. 

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  • image-Fresh inventory management software for retail: “Leaner” than ever&nbsp; image-Fresh inventory management software for retail: “Leaner” than ever&nbsp;

    Fresh inventory management software for retail: “Leaner” than ever 

    The fresh category is the most difficult in terms of retail inventory optimization. This is because of its features: short shelf life and frequent deliveries determine high turnover requirements, no carry-overs, often higher write-off costs compared to lost sales, the dependence of demand on the appearance of the product, especially if it is not packaged, high weekly fluctuations of demand and others. This specificity requires a very “lean” approach to inventory optimization.

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  • image-Multi-echelon replenishment: All levels of the supply chain are connected and balanced image-Multi-echelon replenishment: All levels of the supply chain are connected and balanced

    Multi-echelon replenishment: All levels of the supply chain are connected and balanced

    Our replenishment optimization system was designed to manage inventory at all levels of the supply chain: from a retail store, pharmacy, or supermarket to the chain of regional and central warehouses.

    Due to the tight connection in the elaborate multi-echelon forecasting algorithm, they are making it possible to accurately assess the current and future demand for goods on the lead time of an external supplier to the central warehouse concerning the supply schedule of a product to stores. The system takes into account all the BPs and effective order peculiarities. 

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  • image-Demand forecasting: <br>True story planning image-Demand forecasting: <br>True story planning

    Demand forecasting:
    True story planning

    The demand forecasting module is designed for short-, medium-, and long-term sales forecasting for up to a year of planning. With it, you can evaluate the planned sales variability, the warehouse load, and, in general, increase the sales and operational planning accuracy, and increase the accuracy of seasonal forecasts and promotions.

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  • image-Multi-scenario seasonality: <br>Be ready for every  market situation image-Multi-scenario seasonality: <br>Be ready for every  market situation

    Multi-scenario seasonality:
    Be ready for every market situation

    Automatic calculation and application of seasonality factors for a regular assortment with seasonal fluctuations in demand, “sharp” seasonal products available in the assortment range for a limited time only. For your convenience and increasing accuracy, the system provides a set of scenarios, the application of which occurs depending on the situation of the market.

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    30-50% rotation of the assortment per year requires automatic execution. If you’re introducing new SKUs, it is necessary to forecast the first order depending on its specifics: a new SKU is a substitute or analogous to the existing one or it is brand new for the chain.
    In case of a withdrawal, it is necessary to take into account the structure of the supply chain in order to keep track of stocks on all levels of the supply chain to effectively withdraw the item from the product range.

    SKUs introduction to the assortment and withdrawing from it: 

    • Item checkbox
      A new item for which the system can calculate the initial average sales based on the median of the listed products hierarchy group.
    • Item checkbox
      Similar products, when a product, supposedly with similar sales, is indicated for a new product.
    • Item checkbox
      In the case of a multi-echelon supply chain, the system automatically stops ordering to the СW/DC, but proceeds with the store’s replenishment until the CW/DC has positive stock balances.
  • image-Powerful bi-module: <br>Not just a set of retail inventory management reports image-Powerful bi-module: <br>Not just a set of retail inventory management reports

    Powerful bi-module:
    Not just a set of retail inventory management reports

    Our analytics module is the key takeaway from our many years of supply chain experience. Proper KPIs are fundamental to efficient retail inventory optimization, as these indicators drive future performance and profit.

    The calculation of these indicators lets you know where the money for operating activities is invested and when they will return a profit. 

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Advantages of
optimization in retail

more sales
waste reduction
less overstocks
service level
faster turnover
less lost sales
less manual labor
month ROI

What are benefits of LEAFIO Inventory Optimization solution?

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    Improve inventory turnover by reducing lost sales and surplus.
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    Prevents the appearance of slow-moving products surplus due to the reduction of errors.
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    Saves the managers’ time to conduct analytical work to track retail KPIs and make relevant decisions.
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    Provides transparency in managing product flow at all levels of the supply chain.
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    Automates the retail product ordering routine and saves you from errors in manual planning of product purchase.
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    Prevents lost sales – with satisfactory Auto Replenishment System, you can have the right amount of goods in stock, reducing deficient deliveries.
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    Provides analytics tools to track the dynamics of sales and the efficiency of the generating and use of inventory in trade.
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    Provides ease of understanding the capabilities of the platform and the speed of learning its functionality due to a user-friendly interface, detailed manuals and our managers’ ongoing support.
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Our clients are in various retail verticals: grocery, supermarket, pharmacies, drogerie, health&beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet store.

The objectives of the solution implementation project were: increase inventory turnover and improve the SKU service level at our locations. I'm proud to say that all goals have been reached as we have achieved a significant decrease of overstock levels and an increase of product availability on the shelves. The customers can now see the improvements - all products introduced to the stores are available for purchase.
Anyone who is planning to implement automation of inventory management should embrace the LEAFIO solution. The LEAFIO team will definitely lead your company to positive results and open new business development opportunities. In our experience, we can say that it is simply a MUST-HAVE in today's retail environment. Your customers will find what they are looking for on the shelves, which builds loyalty, and in the long run, will bring success to your business.
The LEAFIO team has a deep understanding of all inventory management processes, clear methodology, high-quality software, and very respectful consulting and technical support, both during the implementation and during the period after its completion. Don`t be afraid to use LEAFIO. Everything will work out. Please realize that each of your employees will work more efficiently, staying in their comfort zone. They will finally realize that this is an automation of the process and that it will be beneficial not only for them but also for the company as a whole. I would like to encourage future clients to be sure - the LEAFIO team helps with retail inventory optimization and process automation. Have faith in yourself, have faith in LEAFIO.
During the year, we opened 23 new stores that were connected to the LEAFIO system. When we switched to centralized ordering, our surplus was decreased. We reduced the amount of time we spent on managing inventory in stores. The program does not work on forecasting but is based on demand. Because of this, we are managing inventory and product availability incredibly well, which is very important to the customer
The implementation project lasted less than 4 months. The LEAFIO team responded very quickly to all our questions and problems. We built the work of the new department in the company step by step. The way the system works now, the focus is on the highly-rated products. Today, more than 50% of all stores are automated and all the shelves are visible online, so you can see every aspect of sales efficiency at any time of the year. We will have a powerful tool to use in our next negotiations with suppliers.

Implement fast and exciting retail inventory optimization solution with LEAFIO AI

Let’s get acquainted and we’ll tell you about us and our inventory retail software. We’ve put our hearts and the experience of hundreds of retailers into our system. We ensure that both the user experience and functionality are at the highest level.

  • We sign a contract and start the first implementation phase. Our initial goal is to quickly integrate our software with your ERP system.

  • Then, we audit inventory management processes and make recommendations for their improvement. 

  • In the third phase, we connect a pilot range to the system for onboarding users and company management. We set up rules and exceptions, and make fine, customized adjustments.

  • In the fourth phase, we connect the entire range of the chain and launch all modules and blocks into productive operation.

  • After successfully completing the implementation project, the client is placed into the safe hands of our Customer Success team, who are on their toes to improve your company’s inventory management KPIs.

Dozens of retail companies have worked with our system, and our experience with each of them has always been unique. But the implementation process itself is already quite streamlined and predictable for us.

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We are really eager to show you what we can do. 

Check up the LEAFIO Inventory Optimization demo

Increase the turnover and profitability of your retail!

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