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Leverage the power of the LEAFIO AI Retail Platform to accelerate margin and revenue growth through automation of operational excellence in inventory optimization, assortment management, planogram optimization, and promotion efficiency.


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“We’re always looking for ways to innovate, and our partnership with LEAFIO has enabled automated planogram generation and optimization, execution control, and shelf space performance improvement,” said Matt Jonna, Plum Market co-founder and CEO. “This is exciting technology that enhances our guests’ shopping experience.”

Plum Market

We used to have a problem with finding SKUs that were not only in the warehouse but also on the sales floor (in the store). But now with the LEAFIO planogram optimization mobile app, we scan the product's barcode and see on which shelf the SKU is now and on which shelf it should be.

Chudo Market

Deputy Commercial Director

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LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions

  • Designed to autonomously execute demand-driven order generation, this solution ensures timely replenishment across all supply chain levels in an unpredictable and ever-changing retail environment. Self-regulating AI-based technologies guarantee precise orders, driving sales growth, enhancing turnover, and improving operational efficiency.

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  • Rethink the assortment management process, making it more precise and efficient with a powerful set of tools by LEAFIO. Manage categories and store clusters with ease, staying informed on business performance indicators for continuous improvement while saving time on reporting.

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  • Utilize the solution to effortlessly generate store-specific planograms, optimizing layouts for enhanced customer loyalty, high products availability, and revenue. Seamlessly orchestrate the end-to-end merchandising business-process, including planogram execution, analytics, and optimization.

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  • Establish a comprehensive and transparent promotion planning process that covers planning, execution, and retrospective analysis. Driven by AI technologies for forecasting and centralized inventory management, this solution ensures optimized stock levels across all outlets for impactful promotions.

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With more than 15 years in the technology development industry under its belt, LEAFIO AI Retail Solutions offers robust, adaptable, and flexible cloud-based solutions for retailers, distributors, and CPG manufacturers.

Having successfully implemented its automation products in more than 180 companies worldwide, LEAFIO has enabled clients to maintain a competitive advantage, enhance their ability to withstand market turbulence and achieve increased profitability. LEAFIO AI Retail Platform is a state-of-the-art AI-powered ecosystem for supply chain optimization, inventory and assortment management, merchandising automation, as well as enhanced promotion efficiency.

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