LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Software

Shelf Efficiency Analysis

Planogram analytics software to increase the profitability of the display  

A quick inspection of analytics in LEAFIO drives you into making data-driven decisions on layout changes and assortment rotation. Besides, the C-level management always has access to sales performance indicators at hand.

image - Planogram analytics software to increase the profitability of the display   image - Planogram analytics software to increase the profitability of the display  


  • image-Data exchange with ERP image-Data exchange with ERP

    Data exchange with ERP

    Master data of items, sales, stock balances are transferred from ERP. It is necessary for the most productive process of planogram generation. LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency is highly secure: only you have access to your data.

  • image-Building dynamic data-based planograms image-Building dynamic data-based planograms

    Building dynamic data-based planograms

    You can create planograms based on analytical data on sales, sales, and ABC analysis while sorting them by category, brand, supplier, etc. Among other things, you can use the automated display feature to build a planogram based on the rules you’ve set. Being an advanced planogram analyst software, LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency is able to calculate the required number of facings.

  • image-Planogram coloring image-Planogram coloring

    Planogram coloring

    Use the “planogram coloring” function to check if you have built a planogram correctly due to your marketing strategy. A group of products is highlighted alike in color depending on their brand, ABC sales, price, profit margin, etc.

  • image-  Sales floor (store) by planogram analytics software image-  Sales floor (store) by planogram analytics software

    Sales floor (store) by planogram analytics software

    Within the store, two types of analytics are implemented: visual analytics and tabular reports. Visually, you can see hot and cold zones according to ABC sales, profit, cost price, etc. You also have the opportunity to upload spreadsheet reports on the return, completion of tasks in the stores, assortment compliance, and SPF/M (sales per foot/meter) in order to understand how efficient your display is and what indicators should be corrected.

  • image-In-depth analytics module image-In-depth analytics module

    In-depth analytics module

    This section is used to promptly respond to changes in the chain KPIs. You are provided with 8 reports to analyze efficiency of your merchandising. Among them are the following reports: "Like for Like" , "Assortment", "Balances", "Layout structure", "Recommendations for changing facings", "The returns ratio", "Planogram efficiency calculation".

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Evaluate your planogram’s efficiency, find bottlenecks and quickly improve your KPIs.
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more sales per foot/metre
more profit on sales
more return on sales

BENEFITS OF LEAFIO planogram analysis

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency provides tabular and visual reports, as well as an analytics dashboard. Among them, you have access to performance reports (return analytics, visibility analytics, SPF/M), registry reports that inform about what there is in the system (list of items, fixtures, categories) and process reports to help in your daily work (reports on the range, on planograms completion, dates on the balances, etc.).

  • icon-Analytics-Driven Decision Making icon-hover-Analytics-Driven Decision Making

    Analytics-Driven Decision Making

    LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency implements different types of reports and analytics dashboards so that network and store indicators are available for all levels of retail chain management. With the help of retrospective data analysis, planogrammers will make decisions about changing the layout so that it brings higher SPSM or works to improve your other indicators.
  • icon-Identification of planogram bottlenecks icon-hover-Identification of planogram bottlenecks

    Identification of planogram bottlenecks

    Different types of reports and analytics help you to quickly figure out:
    - what fixture needs addition or removal of products;
    - display efficiency, i.e., the share in sales to the share of occupied space ratio;
    - whether agreements with suppliers are properly followed;
    - if the “gold shelf” works for your benefit.
  • icon-SPF/M improvement icon-hover-SPF/M improvement

    SPF/M improvement

    The exchange with the ERP system provides the planogram analyst software with sales data. So, with the LEAFIO platform, you know about hot and cold zones due to ABC analysis on your floor layout, which equipment creates higher sales, profit, etc. Analyze the floor layout and make changes to the fixtures placement and foot traffic to get higher profits.
  • icon-Online access to data icon-hover-Online access to data

    Online access to data

    All types of reports are available to you right in the planogram analyst software by LEAFIO on an ongoing basis. You can also set up scheduled reports that will be sent to responsible persons on certain days of the week/month or upload them yourself in pdf or Excel format.

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LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Features:

  • Configurable auto-planogram generation

    Create an automated display sorted out according to the necessary parameters like ABC analyses, turnover, etc., and provide stock rotation in several clicks. But most importantly, reach sales goals in a retail chain and for particular categories.

  • Store-specific planograms

    Improve store-specific performance by developing profitable planograms considering each store's turnover, stock, and general demand indicators instead of the entire chain.

  • LEAFIO Mobile App

    Establish communication with retail facilities, control the display, and do not lose your sales. LEAFIO Mobile App is a crucial tool for building an end-to-end merchandising process.