More than just an automated retail merchandising software


Improve margin, sales, and customer satisfaction by layout optimization, floor planning, and task execution in stores. Seamlessly orchestrate and control complex planogram management with minimal effort.

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More than just an automated retail  merchandising software

Meeting challenges in merchandising:

icon-Time-consuming manual processes

Time-consuming manual processes

Retailer realizes that employees spend too much time creating, implementing, and optimizing planograms.
icon-Handling multiple store layouts

Handling multiple store layouts

It may be challenging for retailers to manage hundreds of planograms throughout the chain.
icon-Creating of profitable planograms

Creating of profitable planograms

Retailers should create planograms that are visually attractive and effective at the same time.
icon-Limited resources

Limited resources

Retailers of any kind may have a lack of financial or human resources to manage merchandising efficiently.
icon-Ensuring compliance

Ensuring compliance

Retailers must ensure that the display is compliant with planogram to drive sales and support their reputation.
icon-Paperless approach

Paperless approach

Having planograms on datasheets is a non-sustainable approach as they are be printed by store employees.

Leverage the power of algorithms to keep your focus on building end-to-end merchandising process and grow your business

Retail merchandising solution features

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency is an advanced retail planogram automation tool. We have spent years of research analyzing the challenges modern retailers face and retail merchandising systems solving them. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive solution that covers the whole end-to-end merchandising process both for headquarters and stores.

  • Micro space management

    Micro space optimization

    LEAFIO’s planogram builder for generating data-driven planograms: Create them easily and use autofacing features to build those that factor in sales, turnover, ABC analysis data, etc. Send these planograms to the store in just a few clicks.

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    image-Micro space optimization
  • Macro space management

    Macro space optimization

    Floor plans for every store, updated in real-time with all fixtures, layouts, and shelves. Digitize them to achieve higher SPSF/SPSM, monitor performance, and optimize labor costs and space planning with a top-notch product among merchandising software solutions.

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    image-Macro space optimization
  • Auto-planogram generation

    Configurable auto-planogram generation

    Create an automated display sorted by parameters like sales and customer preferences: brands, price, sizes, etc. with LEAFIO’s visual merchandiser software. This tool allows you to unify displays across the chain, optimize shelf spacing, and scale the process of planogram generation.

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    image-Configurable auto-planogram generation
  • Store-specific planograms

    Store-specific planograms

    Develop profitable planograms taking into account the sales, stock and general demand indicators of each individual store, instead of the entire chain. Having LEAFIO, as one of the most comprehensive merchandising software solutions, you will get a better customer experience and achieve higher sales per foot/meter.

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    image-Store-specific planograms
  • Analysis

    Shelf efficiency analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and improve your KPIs with the configurable analytics on sales, profit, etc. This data will associate you with your daily operations and helps with a strategic vision of development.

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    image-Shelf efficiency analysis
  • Mobile App

    LEAFIO mobile App

    A cross-platform mobile application that lets store employees receive tasks on actual visual planograms in real-time from the headquarters, scanning item barcodes for the easiest in-store navigation. For the head office, it’s an efficient tool for display monitoring with real photos and getting inventory balances.

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    image-LEAFIO mobile App image-LEAFIO mobile App

Advantages of retail merchandising solution


sales per meter/foot




faster planogram generation process

The benefits of LEAFIO

icon- 4х times faster planogram generation

 4х times faster planogram generation

icon-Data-driven approach to planogram building

Data-driven approach to planogram building

icon-Regularly updated reports in the system sent to email

Regularly updated reports in the system sent to email

icon-Monitoring display tasks status across the chain

Monitoring display tasks status across the chain

icon-Layout analytics (ABC, turnover, stock, prime cost, etc)

Layout analytics (ABC, turnover, stock, prime cost, etc)

icon-Store plan analytics (ABC, sales per meter/foot, heatmaps, etc)

Store plan analytics (ABC, sales per meter/foot, heatmaps, etc)

icon-Streamlined merchandising business process

Streamlined merchandising business process

icon-Profound business effect on sales, profit, team, etc

Profound business effect on sales, profit, team, etc

Merchandise planning software trusted by retailers the world over

Suitable for all retail verticals: grocery, supermarket, drogery, health&beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet store

Genuine feedback

"We’re always looking for ways to innovate, and our partnership with LEAFIO has enabled automated planogram generation and optimization, execution control, and shelf space performance improvement,” said Matt Jonna, Plum Market co-founder and CEO. “This is exciting technology that enhances our guests’ shopping experience."

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