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Power AI for the most accurate customer demand planning

The fundamental goal of a retail business is sales, and the main asset is inventory. What inventory level is needed to meet expected sales? What KPIs should be planned for the next year? You can answer these and other critical managerial questions with the most accurate consumer demand planning from LEAFIO AI.

image - Power AI for the most accurate customer demand planning image - Power AI for the most accurate customer demand planning

LEAFIO AI Demand Planning Software: How it works

LEAFIO's AI-based demand forecasting allows you to calculate the future demand for each product as accurately as possible to avoid lost sales. The system takes into account the complete sales history of the SKU, seasonal factors, promotions, etc.

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  • Consider all factors when making a forecast

    Factors influencing demand can be internal (traffic, current sales, promotions) and external (weather, region, season, etc.). Under such conditions, even experienced managers and analysts can make mistakes and inaccuracies in forecasts, which often means additional costs and loss of profit. Our algorithms take into account all variables, facilitating the work of managers and significantly increasing the forecasts’ accuracy.

  • Evaluate each demand factor separately

    The impact of each factor on the demand forecast is non-linear. LEAFIO’s algorithms can calculate and determine the level of influence of each factor individually or a combination of factors on the change in demand. Thus, the system takes into account only statistically significant factors, rejecting extraneous ones that reduce the accuracy of the forecast.

  • Building a forecasting model considering the business specifics.

    Direct Multi-step Forecast Strategy. For each period, the system builds a separate forecasting model. For example, to make a forecast for 52 weeks, it will create 52 models.  Recursive Multi-step Forecast. The model predicts the next period (for example, the next week) and then uses this data to predict each subsequent period.  Multiple Output Strategy. One model of the system predicts immediately any horizon. 

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LEAFIO AI Demand Planning Advantages

increased forecast accuracy
reduced lost sales
reduced overstock
service level

Benefits of LEAFIO AI Demand fPlanning Solution

  • icon-Data-driven strategic decisions
icon-hover-Data-driven strategic decisions

    Data-driven strategic decisions

    Accurate ML-based forecasting allows you to make informed decisions regarding product range expansion, opening new shops, and planning annual budgets and KPIs, significantly reducing the risk of miscalculations and lost profit.
  • icon-Timely response to any demand fluctuations 
icon-hover-Timely response to any demand fluctuations

    Timely response to any demand fluctuations

    The forecasting model allows you to pay attention to seasonal spikes in advance and more accurately plan the network's stocks, which will avoid both over-stocks and a lack of goods.
  • icon-Increasing sales and customer loyalty
icon-hover-Increasing sales and customer loyalty

    Increasing sales and customer loyalty

    The system not only ensures the maximum availability of goods for customers but also manages the assortment considering their preferences. Thus, your customers will know that they will always find the right product at an affordable price, and you will be sure that they will return to you.
  • icon-Reduced costs and increased profits
icon-hover-Reduced costs and increased profits

    Reduced costs and increased profits

    Predictive accuracy ensures that inventory is best aligned with current business needs, reducing surpluses, releasing frozen inventory, and reducing product write-offs, resulting in lean resource use.

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  • Automatic Replenishment

    A comprehensive feature that includes automatic calculation of quantity requirements per order, automatic generation of orders, automatic dispatch of orders, automatic editing of submitted orders based on feedback from the supplier, and control of order execution.

  • Multi echelon replenishment and allocation

    Highly accurate forecast, regarding safety stocks when managing stocks in regional and central warehouses. The forecast of demand at the DC level and all parts of the supply chain, as well as various business processes are taken into account: true cross docking, pick by line, pick by zero and an alternative storage option.

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Dashboard was creatively designed for a new level of managers`s engagement to the inventory optimization process. Visual and transparent than ever. You can focus on the essentials, understand the problems without a deep analysis; it tells you where to look to make managerial decisions.