LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency for CPG manufacturers

Advanced and convenient planogram generation for CPG manufacturers

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency helps unify and scale planograms quickly across all the stores selling your brand.

You will easily control the realization of your planograms and analyze them to improve efficiency.

image - Advanced and convenient planogram generation for CPG manufacturers image - Advanced and convenient planogram generation for CPG manufacturers
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According to a Nielsen study, more than 80% of the assortment within key categories relates to 2% of sales. The main reasons are an incorrectly selected assortment and inefficient display at a specific store.


  • Non-standard display for different types/formats of stores

  • Improvement of brand visibility for the customer or in the store

  • Inconsistency of the planogram with the display due to the retailer’s failure to comply with the supplier’s requirements

  • Using unstructured analytical data for planograms generation and their further optimization

  • The speed of planograms generation; automation of this process

  • The growth of the sales share within the category with the help of merchandising

What manufacturers need to focus on while working with the display:

  • icon-Сreate merchandising standards icon-hover-Сreate merchandising standards

    Сreate merchandising standards

    These standards should consider the required assortment (number of SKUs), the number of faces, and the order in which different SKUs are displayed on the shelf. For example, large stores display products in a more strict order, up to alphabetical order, while it’s recommended that smaller stores be more creative.
  • icon-Experimenting with the display icon-hover-Experimenting with the display

    Experimenting with the display

    For example, the concept of a wedge: the product line is presented as a pyramid. At the top level and in the center are the most profitable goods, to the left of the leader are cheaper goods, and to the right are more expensive goods. Then the correspondence between each level of the pyramid in terms of profitability and calculation options is determined.


  • image-Format planograms
image-Format planograms

    Format planograms

    Create planograms for different types of stores at the same time. Changes in such planograms will be reflected immediately in all stores. Data for the planogram generation (sales, other indicators) can be selected manually or use the data of the reference store you have chosen / the average value for the chain.

  • image-Creating a planogram taking into account the stock for a certain number of days/delivery schedule
image-Creating a planogram taking into account the stock for a certain number of days/delivery schedule

    Creating a planogram taking into account the stock for a certain number of days/delivery schedule

  • image-Creation of planograms using algorithms, rules
image-Creation of planograms using algorithms, rules

    Creation of planograms using algorithms, rules

    Besides the manual method, you can create planograms based on sales data within manufacturer/brand blocks on the planogram, etc.

  • image-Creation of non-standard equipment
image-Creation of non-standard equipment

    Creation of non-standard equipment

    Create equipment with individual parameters (e.g. containers, can-rollers, etc.) that can be used as a stand-alone store fixture or placed on a shelf.

  • image-Integration with ERP (accounting) system
image-Integration with ERP (accounting) system

    Integration with ERP (accounting) system

    Import the assortment to Leafio Shelf Efficiency, as well as the data on the stores and sales. You don’t need to manage dozens of sheets with sales data – all the planograms will be assigned to specific stores. You can also import data on promotional activities to level out promotional effects on sales. Also, you might need this import data to create perfectly-balanced planograms based on smooth demand data.

  • image-Making notes for designing branded fixtures
image-Making notes for designing branded fixtures

    Making notes for designing branded fixtures

    Using the “labels tool”, you can include instructions on fixtures and leave other comments. You can also leave instructions for the sales representative on how POS materials should look and be placed.

  • image-Planogram control
image-Planogram control

    Planogram control

    The Leafio Shelf Efficiency mobile application is a tool for accessing shelves in the store. A sales representative or a store employee receives information about changes in the planogram through the mobile application, implements them and sends you a photo of the shelf. You will see the attached realogram instantly in your web version of the solution.

  • image-Analysis of planograms and their sales in retail outlets
image-Analysis of planograms and their sales in retail outlets

    Analysis of planograms and their sales in retail outlets

    Analytics are represented as datasheets and visual dashboards. You always have at your fingertips display performance data you are interested in and data for strategic decisions and daily operations. You will also understand how many products are displayed on the planograms, which layouts need to be updated, and whether the planograms are updated in time, etc.

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category growth
growth per piece
speed-up of planograms generation

LEAFIO AI benefits for the CPG manufacturers

  • icon- icon-hover-
    functionally selected assortment for a specific store format
  • icon- icon-hover-
    planogram generated with the sales database
  • icon- icon-hover-
    scaling planograms and assigning them to stores
  • icon- icon-hover-
    standardization of displays depending on the type of store
  • icon- icon-hover-
    control over the display and understanding whether your product occupies the agreed upon area or if it is correctly displayed
  • icon- icon-hover-
    maximizing sales per meter
  • icon- icon-hover-
    generation of the shelf stock with regard to a certain number of sales days
  • icon- icon-hover-
    built process of control and implementation of planograms in a retail store


  • Audit of your business process

  • Integration with ERP

  • Training your team to operate the system

  • After training and final implementation, a Customer Success Manager will continue to assist you with irregular situations and questions you may have. They will also help you scale the system to other categories and outlets.


Suitable for all retail verticals: supermarkets, pharmacies, DIY, health & beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet stores.

Implementation of the LEAFIO merchandising management solution has significantly increased sales, improved turnover, enabled SKU traceability, allowed foreseeing overstocks or deficits, and responded in a timely manner by adjusting the assortment matrix.
We used to have a problem with finding SKUs that were not only in the warehouse but also on the sales floor (in the store). But now with the LEAFIO planogram optimization mobile app, we scan the product's barcode and see on which shelf the SKU is now and on which shelf it should be.

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Increase the turnover and profitability of your retail!

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LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Features:

  • Macro space optimization

    Digitize store floors to get maximum data and achieve higher SPSF/SPSM. You can easily manage growth effectively, monitor performance, and optimize labor cost and space planning.

  • Micro space optimization

    Generate planograms, efficiently manage product lifecycle at scale and optimize assortment. Create layouts that drive customer loyalty and revenue up. Be sure to elevate your task management game by streamlining communication between HQ and retail outlets.

  • Shelf efficiency analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, find bottlenecks in them and quickly improve your KPIs. Get all the necessary information and deliver it to the responsible manager to make data-driven decisions.