Drive exceptional results for your client through retail innovation

LEAFIO Partnership Program

At LEAFIO, we believe that partnerships are key to delivering the best possible outcomes for our customers. We are dedicated to fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our partners, and we look forward to working with organizations that share our passion for delivering exceptional value.

Drive exceptional results for your client through retail innovation

Ample opportunities for partnership

Solution partners

Our Solution Partnership is designed for highly skilled and experienced organizations with the operational resources to implement LEAFIO’s products and systems. As a Solution Partner, you will have access to comprehensive training and support, as well as exclusive resources to help you deliver exceptional value to your customers.

Technical partners

Our Technical Partnership is geared towards ERP providers, other solutions, and platforms that can be complemented by integrating the LEAFIO's solution. As a Technical Partner, you will have access to our expertise and resources to help you seamlessly integrate our solution with your platform. As a result, you will be able to provide even more comprehensive and effective solutions to your customers.

Brand partners

Our Brand Partnership is designed for organizations such as distributors, private consultants, and publishing houses who would like to recommend LEAFIO's solution to their clients and followers. As a Brand Partner, you will have access to exclusive resources and support to help you effectively communicate the benefits of our solution and show your clients how it can help them achieve their goals.

Do you know a company that could benefit from LEAFIO’s products and improve its business results? Let's make it happen and start out by filling out the form below!

Benefits of partnership with LEAFIO

We collaborate with clients in various industries and are committed to delivering clear results by applying our solution. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to establish long-term strategic partnerships with our clients and foster a collaborative approach that ensures successful outcomes.

Leverage our 10+ years of experience in retail automation with our forward-thinking solutions

Our easy-to-integrate solution yields quick results for clients and drives more projects for partners (average deal cycle of 6 months)

Experience high motivation as a partner, driven by the development of expertise and the number of successful projects.

Partner with industry professionals and receive full support throughout the cooperation process.

Get started quickly, no lengthy training or certification necessary – we are dedicated to mutual growth and development.

Benefit from clear and straightforward terms of partnership with LEAFIO.

We provide comprehensive support in every aspect

Technical and service support

  • Helpdesk and on-site support

  • Taining and education

  • Self-help resources

  • Dedicated support teams

Material and resource support

  • Responsible manager

  • Knowledge base

  • Corporate training

  • Documentation that you might need

Marketing support

  • Co-branded marketing materials

  • Joint press releases and media outreach

  • Referral incentives

  • Lead generation support

Target audience

LEAFIO's target audience is diverse and includes organizations in a number of industries that are seeking to optimize their supply chain management processes. Our solution is tailored to meet the needs of retailers, distributors, CPG manufacturers, and other organizations that are looking to improve their inventory management, forecasting, and replenishment processes.


  • Retail

  • Pharmacies

  • CPG manufactures

  • Distributors

  • Wholesalers

Job title


  • CFO

  • Demand Planner

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Purchasing Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Merchandise Planner

  • and others


  • Inefficient inventory management & use of space

  • Manual and error-prone processes

  • Complex supply chains

  • Demand fluctuations

  • Multi-channel retailing

  • Poor visual merchandising

  • Inconsistent store layouts

  • and others

Become a partner

We are committed to building lasting partnerships and driving mutual growth and development.

If you're interested in learning more about ways we can work together, please fill out the form to help us understand your needs better and receive more information on our cooperation.

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