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End-to-end merchandising process

Building an advanced end-to-end merchandising process

With the LEAFIO Planogram Optimization Platform, you can digitize every step of the merchandising process, centralize its management and fine-tune communication between stores and the central office.

image - Building an advanced end-to-end merchandising process image - Building an advanced end-to-end merchandising process

End-to-end merchandising process: How it works

LEAFIO Planogram Optimization is a tool that covers the main stages of the merchandising business process and helps to unify the assortment display across the entire chain of stores.

  • image-Macrospacing: start with the store layout
image-Macrospacing: start with the store layout

    Macrospacing: start with the store layout

    As part of this functionality, you can create working and draft sales floor layouts, arrange and change the position of fixtures and analyze how effective these actions are.

  • image-Microspacing: creating data-driven planograms image-Microspacing: creating data-driven planograms

    Microspacing: creating data-driven planograms

    The planogram is created with the Drag&Drop tool or autofacing, which calculates the number of SKUs on the fixture, considering data on sales, turnover, residues, etc. With the “fixture zoning” functionality, you can highlight supplier/category blocks on the shelf and set up display rules in a specific zone.

  • image-Control of the display of goods<br> image-Control of the display of goods<br>

    Control of the display of goods

    Created a planogram and made changes to it? Would you like to check whether all the goods are on the shelves today? Store employees receive your assignment in the LEAFIO mobile application so you can check the results of your work without leaving your office.

  • image-Make changes across the chain image-Make changes across the chain

    Make changes across the chain

    With the functionality of group management and “format fixture”, you can introduce and remove goods out of product assortment across your entire retail chain with just a few clicks.

  • image-Analyze every step image-Analyze every step

    Analyze every step

    Analyze the effectiveness of your actions in real time. Receive data as Excel reports, print them from the system, or receive regular mailings according to an individual schedule. For daily monitoring of indicators, use the analytics dashboard.

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LEAFIO End-to-End Merchandising Process advantages

reduction of manual processes
increase in turnover without additional costs
control over the fulfillment of tasks by stores


  • icon-Centralized merchandising management

icon-hover-Centralized merchandising management

    Centralized merchandising management

    Now all stages of merchandising will be controlled and come from the central office. With the LEAFIO Planogram Optimization solution, you can build planograms, instantly send them for sales, set display tasks, communicate with store employees and analyze the merchandising department efficiency.
  • icon-Improved work with planograms

icon-hover-Improved work with planograms

    Improved work with planograms

    With LEAFIO, you can automate the building/ management of planograms and sales floors using data on sales, turnover, etc. to build them. You also have the opportunity to add and remove goods from the assortment in 1,000 stores at the same time. According to our users, planograms are built 4 times faster than before.
  • icon-Up-to-date analytics for rapid response

icon-hover-Up-to-date analytics for rapid response

    Up-to-date analytics for rapid response

    As part of the solution, various types of reports and dashboards are implemented, making it possible for you to:
    - promptly influence the display efficiency;
    - help in daily work with the system;
    - find the relationship between sales and changes in planograms;
    - monitor the effectiveness of the employees’ work. 
  • icon-Product categories streamlining

icon-hover-Product categories streamlining

    Product categories streamlining

    With LEAFIO, you can properly manage SKU shelf space so that the share of shelf presence matches the profit share. You can also clearly understand the amount of presentation inventory, which categories are more effective in sales per square meter, as well as the return rate.

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LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Features:

  • Macro space optimization

    Digitize store floors to get maximum data and achieve higher SPSF/SPSM. You can easily manage growth effectively, monitor performance, and optimize labor cost and space planning.

  • Micro space optimization

    Generate planograms, efficiently manage product lifecycle at scale and optimize assortment. Create layouts that drive customer loyalty and revenue up. Be sure to elevate your task management game by streamlining communication between HQ and retail outlets.

  • Shelf efficiency analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, find bottlenecks in them and quickly improve your KPIs. Get all the necessary information and deliver it to the responsible manager to make data-driven decisions.