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software for mobile devices:
control the display compliance

Establish a process of communication with retail facilities, control the display and avoid lost sales.

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LEAFIO Planogram software for mobile devices:

  • image-Sending a planogram to a retail facility

    Sending a planogram to a retail facility

    By building a planogram in the web version of LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, you can schedule or instantly send an assignment to the responsible employee at the retail facility in one click.

  • image-Receiving an assignment

    Receiving an assignment

    The responsible employee at the retail facility receives a list of current, completed and overdue assignments to their iOS or Android device. You can set the deadlines for completing the assignments in the planogram app in advance.

  • image-In-app Barcode/QR Scanner

    In-app Barcode/QR Scanner

    Using the scanner function in your mobile application, you can check the inventory balance in the store, find the location of the goods on the sales floor, quickly track the assignments on specific commodity items, as well as make adjustments to the dimensions of the goods and change front pictures.

  • image-Completion of assignments

    Completion of assignments

    Having access to the store fixtures, the employee performs the layout according to the store planogram updated by headquarter and sends the up to date layout photo (realogram) via the merchandising mobile app.

Get real-time access to the store shelves and ensure that displays won’t cause lost sales, and optimize the working hours of the store employees.

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency mobile app advantages

less labor costs
more profit on sales
more sales per meter/foot


  • icon-A tool for communication between the head office and retail facilities icon-hover-A tool for communication between the head office and retail facilities

    A tool for communication between the head office and retail facilities

    Sending planograms to store employees’ merchandising app or setting a task to check a shelf with a lagging product category. Store employees receive actual store planogram changes, can send a photo of the shelf in the application, and the central office can quickly make changes to the display or give further instructions.
  • icon-Monitoring KPIs implementation at retail facilities icon-hover-Monitoring KPIs implementation at retail facilities

    Monitoring KPIs implementation at retail facilities

    Using LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, you can monitor realograms and a list of overdue and completed tasks by employees at the facilities. So you can control the execution of the display or shelf fullness to prevent stockouts and help employees do their work. This will improve the profitability of your business.
  • icon-User-friendly IOS and Android merchandising mobile app interface icon-hover-User-friendly IOS and Android merchandising mobile app interface

    User-friendly IOS and Android merchandising mobile app interface

    When receiving a task in a mobile application, an employee sees a visual representation of how the item should be placed on the shelf. A tabular representation describes what needs to be done with the item – whether it should be removed or added to the shelf, where and how long it should be there. The mobile application also shows the stock balance of each SKU in the store.
  • icon-Man hours optimization icon-hover-Man hours optimization

    Man hours optimization

    By delegating planogram execution control, the central office can focus on more valuable tasks. In turn, store employees can reduce their visitings to the shelf, knowing that they’ll be notified of their tasks via planogram compliance software. At the same time, the store achieves financial KPIs and does not increase the lost sales percentage.


Suitable for all retail verticals: supermarkets, pharmacies, DIY, health & beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet stores.

Implementation of the LEAFIO merchandising management solution has significantly increased sales, improved turnover, enabled SKU traceability, allowed foreseeing overstocks or deficits, and responded in a timely manner by adjusting the assortment matrix.
We used to have a problem with finding SKUs that were not only in the warehouse but also on the sales floor (in the store). But now with the LEAFIO planogram optimization mobile app, we scan the product's barcode and see on which shelf the SKU is now and on which shelf it should be.

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Increase the turnover and profitability of your retail!

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LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Features:

  • Micro space optimization

    Generate planograms, efficiently manage product lifecycle at scale and optimize assortment. Create layouts that drive customer loyalty and revenue up. Be sure to elevate your task management game by streamlining communication between HQ and retail outlets.

  • Macro space optimization

    Digitize store floors to get maximum data and achieve higher SPSF/SPSM. You can easily manage growth effectively, monitor performance, and optimize labor cost and space planning.

  • Shelf Efficiency Analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, find bottlenecks in them and quickly improve your KPIs. Get all the necessary information and deliver it to the responsible manager to make data-driven decisions.