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Use macro space optimization as a tool for your store space rationalization and merchandising. Achieve higher SPSF/SPSM with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency!


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Merchandising process

Assortment management

Planogram optimization

LEAFIO macro space optimization: how it works

Let’s see how using LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency you can complement the building of the end-to-end merchandising process. We’ve provided a short description of available tools similar to retail space planning software. Get the most of them, using our platform.

  • Templates

    Create the shop-fitting templates

    Using your specs, you create the shop-fitting templates which can be used at every POS of your chain

    image-Create the shop-fitting templates image-Create the shop-fitting templates
  • Floor plan

    Floor plan development

    You can draw it yourself or download a ready-made template from AutoCad, PDF or PNG/JPG, arrange fittings and shelving, designate planogram blocks by category on shelves for further analysis

    image-Floor plan development image-Floor plan development
  • Mass update

    Mass planogram update

    You can develop fittings and shelving to be used in several stores at once. This will make it easier for you to rotate the assortment at several stores at once.

    image-Mass planogram update image-Mass planogram update
  • Assortment matrix

    Current operations with assortment matrix change

    Ongoing system communication of stock balance data regularly notifies about the need to add items to or remove them from the assortment.

    image-Current operations with assortment matrix change image-Current operations with assortment matrix change
  • Analytics

    Store analytics

    You have access to various reports on efficiency, sales per foot/meter, presence, fullness, replenishment, etc., which can be downloaded manually or regularly delivered to your mailbox.

    image-Store analytics image-Store analytics

Сontribute to customers’ shopping experience by creating a logical and appealing store assessment with retail floor planning tool

LEAFIO planogram optimization advantages

Monitoring and streamlining sales per foot/meter

Acquiring customer activity data for merchandising optimization

Supporting planogram management at scale

Maintaining single retail space database

Benefits of LEAFIO macro space planning and optimization

icon-Managing growth effectively

Managing growth effectively

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, with its database of custom and standard fixtures, readily accessible analytics on POS equipment and feature of retail floor planning software, allows you to quickly create the comprehensive plans for retail outlets that deliver results without delay.
icon-Monitoring performance

Monitoring performance

Enjoy analytics for any store, floor, and fixtures for a better understanding of which products are best to sell in which store, as well as what improvements can drive your store's performance or that of the entire chain.
icon-Optimizing labor costs

Optimizing labor costs

With shop floor planning software features you can use automation while developing custom or standard fixtures and apply the results through various stores to enable efficiency, merchandising department team doing seasonal changes, running promo campaigns, etc.
icon-Optimizing space planning

Optimizing space planning

Data from your accounting system (ERP) is transferred to the LEAFIO Planogram Optimization on a daily basis, thus allowing you to efficiently monitor needs for placement/removal/rotation of merchandise on shelves. If completed in a timely manner, such actions ensure optimization of a shelf space and creation of a better customer experience.

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