LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency


Improve margin, sales and customer satisfaction by planogram optimization, floor planning and task execution in stores. Seamlessly orchestrate and control complex layout management with minimal effort.

Meeting challenges in merchandising:

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    Planograms are created manually or with the use of cumbersome legacy planogram software that require manual readjustment every time stock is modified.
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    You understand that your employees are spending too much time creating, implementing and optimizing planograms.
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    Layout changes, task assignments and reporting are separate processes and distract from key aspects of planogram optimization.
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    You receive weak and delayed feedback: reports on planograms executed in stores are sent behind schedule, and you don’t have a tool for real-time monitoring of the layout.
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    You are spending too much time analyzing the efficiency of planograms and sales metrics in order to improve category performance.
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    You don’t achieve the sales KPI and searching for a tool to increase sales per foot/meter and analyses of interactions between the layout and sales indicators..
Leverage the power of algorithms to keep your focus on building end-to-end merchandising process and grow your business


LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency is an advanced retail planogram automation tool. We have spent years of research analyzing the challenges modern retailers face. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive solution that covers the whole end-to-end merchandising process both for headquarters and stores.

  • Micro space optimization

    LEAFIO’s planogram builder for generating data-driven planograms: Create them easily and use autofacing features to build those that factor in sales, turnover, ABC analysis data, etc. Send these planograms to the store in just a few clicks. 

  • Macro space optimization

    Floor plans for every store, updated in real-time with all fixtures, layouts, and shelves. Digitize them to achieve higher SPSF/SPSM, monitor performance, and optimize labor costs and space planning.

  • Configurable auto-planogram generation

    With LEAFIO’s planograms software сreate an automated display sorted by parameters like sales and customer preferences: brands, price, sizes, etc. This tool allows you to unify displays across the chain, optimize shelf spacing, and scale the process of planogram generation.

  • Store-specific planograms

    Develop profitable planograms taking into account the turnover, stock and general demand indicators of each individual store, instead of the entire chain. With this tool by our planogram program, you will get a better customer experience and achieve higher sales per foot/meter.

  • Shelf efficiency analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and improve your KPIs with deep configurable analytics on sales, profit, etc. This data will associate you with your daily operations and helps with a strategic vision of development.

  • LEAFIO mobile App

    A cross-platform mobile application that lets store employees receive tasks on actual visual planograms in real-time from the headquarters, scanning item barcodes for the easiest in-store navigation. For the head office, it’s an efficient tool for display monitoring with real photos and getting inventory balances.

Advantages of retail planogram software

return on sales
faster planogram
generation process


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    4х times faster planogram generation
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    Data-driven approach to planogram building
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    Regularly updated reports in the system sent to email 
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    Monitoring display tasks status across the chain
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    Planogram analytics (ABC, turnover, stock, prime cost, etc)
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    Store plan analytics (ABC, sales per meter/foot, heatmaps, etc)
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    Streamlined merchandising business process
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    Profound business effect on sales, profit, team, etc


Suitable for all retail verticals: grocery, supermarket, drogery, health&beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet store

Implementation of the LEAFIO merchandising and planogram management solution has significantly increased sales, improved turnover, enabled SKU traceability, allowed the prediction of overstocks or deficits, and responded in a timely manner by adjusting the stock matrix.
​​When choosing a system, it was important that the vendor's team supported, developed, educated, prompted, and provided access to the software. That's what I found with LEAFIO. The system is flexible and highly configurable. This means that every business process can be customized based on the analysis of current data – designed, implemented, analyzed, a continuous cycle of improvements. With LEAFIO, we now have just one person ordering in every product category.


  • We study the customer’s merchandising business processes and demonstrate how the solution can be applied to them.

  • The data exchange between LEAFIO merchandising planogram software and the current ERP system is set up, which then triggers algorithms to identify customer activity by zones and calculate key performance indicators for planogram optimization.

  • We assist in implementation of the end-to-end business process from headquarters to each store. On this stage the customer’s team learn how to generate, read, and analyze planograms, and control their execution.

  • After fully completing the implementation of a planogram creation software, all retail locations are onboarded and can then be optimized independently. Our customer success team is always available for assistance.

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Increase the turnover and profitability of your retail!

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