LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency

Store-specific planograms

Store specific planograms to meet your customers' demand

Develop profitable planograms taking into account the sales, assortment range and general demand indicators of each individual store, instead of the entire chain.

image - Store specific planograms to meet your customers' demand


  • image-Unified fixture and SKU library

    Unified fixture and SKU library

    To create store specific planograms, you can use both fixtures with unique particular store-specific parameters, and a template used at a different POS in the chain. Knowing all the SKUs and fixtures parameters optimizes the goods display: with no empty or, on the contrary, flimsy-looking packed shelves.

  • image-Automated display based on particular store indicators

    Automated display based on particular store indicators

    You can create a layout using the auto-arrangement of products according to the specified rules, or you can make changes manually to achieve the indicators you need. The automated display is created by the store's sales and profit indicators, and products can be sorted in percentage terms by ABC analysis, brand, supplier, etc.

  • image-Fixture zoning for merchandising optimization

    Fixture zoning for merchandising optimization

    You can divide fixtures into planogram blocks according to the desired criteria and automatically fill them in according to the sorting rules you set.

  • image-Fast adding and removing SKUs from planograms

    Fast adding and removing SKUs from planograms

    With just a few clicks, you can add or remove items in different stores’ planograms. Among other things, the store planogram software sends you a message where exactly you have to do it.

  • image- Planogram and stores analytics

    Planogram and stores analytics

    You can always check the display precision according to set indicators using planogram analytics. Among other things, with the floor layout analytics function, you can retrospectively study the impact of your display on the overall performance of the store.

  • image-Sending assignments to the store in two clicks

    Sending assignments to the store in two clicks

    You can transfer the tasks of a display change to a store employee in a few clicks. The task will be displayed in the employee’s mobile application, and you can control its status and the result in the system.

You don’t need to read your customers’ minds to meet their demands and increase space productivity. Use LEAFIO to build category planograms for every specific store without additional effort.

LEAFIO Store specific planograms advantages

more sales per meter/foot
more profit on sales
more return on sales


Improve store-specific performance with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency. You can create store planogram based on the sales and profit data of specific categories in a certain store.

  • icon-Custom-tailored approach to planogram development icon-hover-Custom-tailored approach to planogram development

    Custom-tailored approach to planogram development

    You can develop planograms based on the store's indicators, such as sales and profit, instead of chain-averaged. This will help you manage your display based on the demand in the retail space and on the local specifics of sales.
  • icon-Optimization of employees' working hours icon-hover-Optimization of employees' working hours

    Optimization of employees' working hours

    Using LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, you can update a planogram for a retail store depending on product range changes in a few clicks with the group management function. You can set tasks to change the display in stores and control its implementation just as easily.
  • icon-Better customer experience icon-hover-Better customer experience

    Better customer experience

    Effectively created, managed and implemented planograms to provide customers with the right products due in a particular place. By making the layout efficient and understandable, you increase the store average sales and the chain’s profit.
  • icon-Achieve higher sales per foot/meter icon-hover-Achieve higher sales per foot/meter

    Achieve higher sales per foot/meter

    This is achieved by promoting higher-margin products, regularly updating the display based on inventory and stock rotation data, and monitoring the proper display.

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LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency Features:

  • Macro space optimization

    Digitize store floors to get maximum data and achieve higher SPSF/SPSM. You can easily manage growth effectively, monitor performance, and optimize labor cost and space planning.

  • Micro space optimization

    Generate planograms, efficiently manage product lifecycle at scale and optimize assortment. Create layouts that drive customer loyalty and revenue up. Be sure to elevate your task management game by streamlining communication between HQ and retail outlets.

  • Shelf efficiency analysis

    Evaluate your planograms' efficiency, find bottlenecks in them and quickly improve your KPIs. Get all the necessary information and deliver it to the responsible manager to make data-driven decisions.