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Automated ordering system


An automated ordering system is a comprehensive function that provides a complete process for ordering goods to the point of sale/distribution centre without manual intervention.


LEAFIO Automatic inventory replenishment system: How it works

An automatic inventory replenishment system in retail is a complex feature that includes automatic calculation of quantity requirements per order, automatic generation of orders, automatic dispatch of orders, automatic editing of submitted orders based on feedback from the supplier, and control of order execution.

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  • Automatic calculation of quantity requirements per order

    On the day of the order, according to the schedule, the product demand calculation is performed for each SKU at each POS. After the current demand has been determined, the quantity of goods on the balance at the moment is analyzed, as well as the quantity of goods that has already been ordered earlier and is on the way. After that, the final quantity for the order is determined, taking into account the multiplicity of the supplier's order.

  • Automatic generation of orders

    Every day, according to the assortment matrix and schedules, the corresponding number of orders is generated. The order formation process takes place immediately after the demand calculation. Orders are formed before the managers start their work day. In some cases, when the chain is large, the number of generated orders may exceed 1,000 items a day.

  • Automatic dispatch of orders

    Once the orders have been generated, they are automatically sent to the client's accounting system, as well as to the supplier's mail or via EDI. If there was a temporary failure of the internet connection and an order was not dispatched, the user is notified about this. Such an order will immediately appear as an assignment on the manager's desktop. Re-sending of the order is also enabled.

  • Automatic editing of submitted orders

    Once a supplier has received an order, they can provide feedback on the products that will be delivered based on what they have in stock. If the delivery quantity differs from the quantity ordered, this is automatically displayed in the dispatched orders form, which in turn also affects the quantity of goods in transit.

  • Control of order execution

    Automatic store replenishment system tracks the order delivery time. The manager is notified if the time has come and the order has not been fulfilled. Also, information about late, unfulfilled orders is recorded in the analytical report on suppliers’ reliability.

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A transparent and efficient inventory management process is impossible without implementing an automated ordering system.
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increase in sales
attrition of stocks
improved turnover
labor saving
increase availability of goods
reduction of excess inventory/surplus


Automatic inventory replenishment software has a number of benefits for the business as a whole. It enables top management to analyze and evaluate problem areas and gain valuable insights.

  • icon-Quick identification of bottlenecks/problem areas
icon-hover-Quick identification of bottlenecks/problem areas

    Quick identification of bottlenecks/problem areas

    After working through the problem areas, companies reach new levels of efficiency in their activities; the inventory management process becomes more transparent and controllable.
  • icon-Simplifies retail chain scaling
icon-hover-Simplifies retail chain scaling

    Simplifies retail chain scaling

    Automatic inventory replenishment software makes it easy to scale your business. Opening a new POS does not require additional purchasing managers, which reduces payroll costs.
  • icon-Promotes the accumulation and unification of inventory data
icon-hover-Promotes the accumulation and unification of inventory data

    Promotes the accumulation and unification of inventory data

    Auto-order helps to “clean up the data”, which makes the inventory management process more efficient. Before the introduction of auto-order, a verified assortment matrix or data on current stocks was extremely rare.
  • icon-Business insights
icon-hover-Business insights

    Business insights

    As a result of the implementation of auto-order, very useful business insights are often revealed. For example, one company reduced inventory across its entire range, while sales have increased, which freed up more shelf space. This presented the opportunity to expand the range and increase turnover. Without auto-ordering, the shelves were “crammed” with the available stock.
  • icon-Gain more of the manager's time icon-hover-Gain more of the manager's time

    Gain more of the manager's time

    Freeing the manager from routine tasks to solve analytical and strategic issues. There is no need to “keep everything in your head”; there is an opportunity to develop analytical skills.
  • icon-The risk of missing orders is reduced icon-hover-The risk of missing orders is reduced

    The risk of missing orders is reduced

    With a manual order, the manager may forget or confuse the day the order was generated and not have time to place the order before the right time. The auto-order system reminds the manager of important assignments and orders for the day.
  • icon-Interchangeability of managers icon-hover-Interchangeability of managers

    Interchangeability of managers

    Avoid the problem of interchangeability of managers by introducing an auto-order system. The inventory management process is not affected if the manager goes on vacation or is otherwise absent.
  • icon-Improving manager's KPI icon-hover-Improving manager's KPI

    Improving manager's KPI

    The auto-order system can significantly influence not only the growth of the business's financial performance but also contribute to the financial motivation of the manager.

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  • Multi echelon replenishment and allocation

    Highly accurate forecast, regarding safety stocks when managing stocks in regional and central warehouses. The forecast of demand at the DC level and all parts of the supply chain, as well as various business processes are taken into account: true cross docking, pick by line, pick by zero and an alternative storage option.

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Dashboard was creatively designed for a new level of managers`s engagement to the inventory optimization process. Visual and transparent than ever. You can focus on the essentials, understand the problems without a deep analysis; it tells you where to look to make managerial decisions.

  • Fresh Inventory

    The system helps to strike a balance between availability and lack of write-offs. Taking into account high variability, uneven demand within a week, expiration date, supplier delivery slot throughout the day you can make your inventory management and margins of different categories of fresh goods more accurate.