Technodom unlocks new horizons of operational efficiency with a solution from LEAFIO AI

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  • Nov 6, 2023
  • 3 min read
Cover: Technodom unlocks new horizons of operational efficiency with a solution from LEAFIO AI

Technodom, the leading chain of consumer electronics and computer hardware stores in Central Asia, announces an important new partnership with LEAFIO to further improve operational efficiency. Founded in 2002, Technodom currently operates 79 stores and 92 order delivery points. The company boasts a diverse product range of over 700 global brands and over 60,000 products. Delivery is done through 2 tiers of distribution centers: 12 regional warehouses and four large logistics hubs. Technodom also has an online store with the possibility of picking up goods from the nearest store in the chain.

Why did Technodom decide to implement an inventory, assortment and merchandising management ecosystem? 

As one of the largest retailers in the region, Technodom faced a number of complex challenges that required a holistic solution:

  • Frequent changes in the basic assortment and components of computer equipment;
  •  Unexpected spikes in demand;
  • B2B sales;
  •  Manual processes related to product distribution schedule and control over product placement in all stores of the chain simultaneously.

The company was looking for a powerful tool to help analyze, optimize and create new high-quality and automated business processes. The LEAFIO ecosystem, consisting of three products: Inventory Optimization, Shelf Efficiency and Assortment Performance, was chosen to solve these tasks.

"We are delighted to start this journey of business process optimization together with LEAFIO," says Technodom's Chief Digital Officer. "Their extensive experience and impressive results from completed projects for retailers around the world convinced us that LEAFIO is the right partner. We look forward to implementing their technology and practically applying their expertise to improve our business processes."

The goals of cooperation

The company realizes that to boost efficiency, it is critical to free Technodom's category managers from routine tasks and transfer most of their responsibilities to the system. In this way, they will be able to focus more attention on the strategic development of the network.

The implementation of the LEAFIO cloud platform will enable Technodom: 

  • Get the most accurate long-term demand forecasts, which is especially important for the consumer electronics market;
  • Fully automate replenishment, taking into account seasonality, promotions, delivery dates, etc.
  • Increase the availability of popular models, avoiding overcrowding of categories that should be excluded from the assortment. 
  • Establish the assortment rotation process: outputting and adding products to the assortment matrix based on analytical data and system prompts; 
  • Improve inventory visibility and optimize product movement across sales channels and distribution levels; 
  • Make changes to planograms and check product display in all stores remotely using a convenient mobile application for store employees; 
  • Manage multiple ad campaigns with a convenient calendar and improve overall campaign performance with advanced forecasting and deep analytics.

Alex Medwin, CEO of LEAFIO Inc, is enthusiastic about this cooperation: "We have already realized many successful projects in this region, but the partnership with Technodom is a big step forward for us. We intend to work closely together to achieve outstanding results. I am confident that this partnership will not only bring increased revenue to our client, but also give our team new valuable experience in implementing our ecosystem."

Currently, the LEAFIO team and Technodom specialists are working together to describe the network's business processes and prepare project documentation. Further steps include system integration, staff training, pilot projects and scaling the solution to all stores in the chain. 

We look forward to sharing the results of this exciting project with you. Stay tuned!

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