Best Trade Promotion Management Software in 2023

Best Trade Promotion Management Software in 2023

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Irma Shypulia
Irma ShypuliaRetail Optimization Expert
Best Trade Promotion Management Software

*This article is based on our research and market feedback.

Regular sales promotions are an indispensable tool for stimulating sales and, therefore, an integral part of any retail business. Regardless of the reason for the promotional activity, whether it is the seasonal attraction of customers, a dead-stock sale, or participation in a supplier’s bonus program, ideally, the retailer expects to get sales growth and, accordingly, profit from the promotion. This process always involves managers from different departments (e.g., sales, marketing, purchasing, etc.). In this case, many data sources and different departments’ conflicting needs can complicate the task. And if you multiply all this by the number of categories, SKUs, outlets, and their formats, which is often the case in large chains, the task of effectively conducting promotions becomes, to put it mildly, daunting.

According to research by Gartner, companies now spend more than 20% of their profits on promo support. That is why more and more companies are moving away from spreadsheets and manual control to automated technologies based on artificial intelligence because the cost of errors is relatively high. 

What are the requirements for effective trade promotion management (TPM) software?

Based on the above requirements and users’ reviews, we offer a list of the TOP-3 most popular trade promotion management software in 2023.

LEAFIO AI Trade Promotion Software

LEAFIO has been implementing cloud-based retail solutions for over a decade, accumulating experience in implementation and use for more than 160 companies worldwide.

The functional block LEAFIO Trade Promotion Software allows retailers to prepare for future promotions promptly, receive a calculated promotional forecast, adapt the stock to actual promotional sales, provide the chain with a minimum stock, and analyze the promotion effectiveness. 

The trade promotion management system of LEAFIO has a number of practical, functional elements:

While offering the most comprehensive functionality of the TPM system, LEAFIO rightfully took the lead on this list due to its customer relationship policy:

The implementation period of this solution takes about 6 months. Unlike the “bulky and clumsy” systems built in previous decades, LEAFIO is incredibly flexible, which is enthusiastically noted by users who have switched to this software from other similar solutions. Despite the brilliant process logic “under the hood,” the system interface is convenient and intuitive. Cloud solution LEAFIO Promotion Intelligence is suitable for retail businesses of any size and an unlimited number of users. The product’s price depends on the number of stores and the size of the assortment of a particular retailer. It is an excellent example of the ratio of broad functionality for a reasonable price. This fact favorably distinguishes the product from similar solutions on the market.

RELEX Solutions

RELEX Solutions is a distributor of cloud solutions for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturing companies. The module for managing sales promotions allows one to carry out trade promotions with a high degree of product availability and the absence of excess stocks. 

The AI-based system allows to:

In general, users respond positively to RELEX Solutions. They also note the ease of use of the interface and the ability to configure all the necessary analytics ( At the same time, there are severe comments about the inability to change the structure of the system’s calendar following the financial calendar used by the company, which causes significant inconvenience. The platform of RELEX provides accurate forecasts for products with a year or more sales history. However, users note that forecasts for new products tend to be inaccurate. ( The system is designed for a number of users from 2 to 1000+, which makes it suitable for both large and small companies. Although, it is also noted that the price, as well as a rather long and laborious training period, can be most affordable for larger corporations.

Symphony RetailAI

Symphony RetailAi positions itself as a company that has been implementing innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice control technologies for more than 30 years to improve the efficiency of various operations in companies in the FMCG and CPG sectors. Symphony RetailAI solutions provide today's retailers with prescriptive information and guidance. Pre-packaged AI solutions leverage the predictive intelligence of CINDE and the power of the Eureka platform. 

The product for planning and support of trade promotions from Symphony RetailAi performs several functions necessary to fulfill this task effectively: 

Of course, the company is a relatively long-standing and experienced player in the market of providing software for optimizing retail business processes. However, it is essential to note that the TPM product from Symphony RetailAi is the only on-premise solution on this list, unlike the previous two SaaS-based solutions.  Even though the developers have considered the software’s architecture as much as possible, this fact will undoubtedly affect the flexibility and adaptability of the system to the realities of a particular business. Also, a feature of such products is the limited or complete absence of after-sales customer support. This is not an advantage in a dynamically developing market, especially if taking into account the rather high price of the product.


Experienced providers from different countries widely represent the trade promotion management software market. At the same time, when choosing such a system, it is crucial to focus on building a long-term relationship with the vendor. In a dynamic retail market, it is vital to receive timely updates and qualified expert advice. When choosing between on-premise and cloud-based solutions, retailers are increasingly striving for the latter. It happens due to their greater flexibility and adaptability to a specific business without high additional costs.

Irma Shypulia
Irma ShypuliaRetail Optimization Expert

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