Navigating MIDA with Automated Merchandising

The MIDA retail chain manages diverse categories across its 30 supermarkets, each housing assortments ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 SKUs. The company utilizes the Shelf Efficiency solution.


The MIDA retail chain offers an extensive array of food products in diverse categories across its 30 supermarkets, each housing assortments ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 SKUs. This encompasses everything from fresh produce, meats, and dairy to dietary and vegan products, as well as an extensive variety of beverages. To handle such volume and complexity, MIDA has turned to LEAFIO to seamlessly integrate planogram management with the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency solution.

Before adopting LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, manual product layout creation based on category manager specifications with its limited data analysis opportunities. was the norm, but with store reformatting, new openings in the pipeline and staff rotations, the need for unified and standardized display management became evident. Luckily, these are all the things that LEAFIO focuses on. 

In particular, MIDA turned to automated merchandising with LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency to:

  • unify and standardize merchandising processes across all stores in the chain
  • enhance shelf space utilization efficiency
  • get tools for implementing planogram changes and seamlessly transmitting them to stores
  • ensure operational control by aligning planograms in the software with store shelves.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency implementation team and MIDA’s experts were able to tackle the objectives above and major achievements came out of the collaboration. 

MIDA has been able to seamlessly transition to LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency and integrate its ERP lists, including a thorough deployment of the LEAFIO system and a comprehensive data import. Furthermore, the cooperation yielded a dedicated planogram management module and users have been trained to operate within pilot categories in great detail.

At the moment, as the solution is scaled up to cover all stores, Mida specialists are actively creating floor plans for new outlets using the system. They are now fully engaging with the analytic tools newly available to them and the LEAFIO mobile application.

However, that is not where the story of LEAFIO and MIDA ends. Looking ahead, the transition to the Customer Success department and connection to the Help Desk service will continue to offer support in effectively sorting out any- future challenges that may arise. 

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