Leafio Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management

An evolution from complexity to simplicity made possible with a multi-factor AI forecasting engine that powers planning, coordination, execution and performance analysis for all retail departments partaking in the challenging task of trade promotion management. Create organizational transparency at every stage of the promotion process while enabling continuous optimization.

Trade Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management functionality

Leverage the power of algorithms to keep your focus on gaining a competitive advantage and grow your business

the best fit for

  • Grocery stores & Supermarkets
  • Drugstore retail chains
  • Toy
  • DIY stores
  • Pet stores

Business value

  • 25 %

    Reduction in promotional inventory

  • 10 %

    Reduction of out-of-stocks during promotions

  • 15 %

    Increase in promotional forecast accuracy

  • Spend x3 less time on promo campaign management

  • Create a history track record for data-driven business decisions in the future

  • Continuously optimize promotion management efficiency to boost revenue

Implementation stages

  • Diagnostics
    Promo campaign KPIs are identified. The goals are agreed upon and the project team is set up.
  • Data collection
    The forecast is produced based on historic promo data (1.5-2 years). Data structure is configured in the system.
  • Modeling
    The forecasting model is set up. The system sources necessary data and trains a model. Then the accuracy of the model is continuously improved and if necessary, adjusted.

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