Promotion planning software for excellent promotional execution


Build a holistic and transparent promotion planning process that encompasses every stage, from initial planning and preparation to quality execution and subsequent retrospective based on AI and a single platform for managing your company's inventory.

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Promotion planning software for excellent promotional execution

Win the sales promotion game with the power of ai and make the complex end-to-end trade promotion planning process simple and efficient for you and your team.

LEAFIO AI Promotion Planning Software: how it works

  • Promo calendar

    Promotional calendar

    All promotions are in one console. Conveniently view all past, ongoing, and planned promotions. Analyze the results and track the effectiveness of promotional activities without manual calculations and unnecessarily going into details.

    image-Promotional calendar image-Promotional calendar
  • Planning

    Planning and preparation

    Rely on the promotion planning solution to carry out the most routine tasks of preparing for a promotion. The promotion planning software will calculate the necessary inventory for the promotion and warn about related activities and possible errors that may adversely affect the result.

    image-Planning and preparation image-Planning and preparation
  • Forecasting

    AI-based forecasting

    The AI at the heart of the trade promotion planning solution provides highly accurate inventory calculations based on performance analysis and demand throughout the product’s sales history. In the case of launching promotions for a new SKU, the promotion management software will use sales data for analogs or similar products to build calculations. Thus, each promotion isn’t based on a hypothesis but rather on predictable and manageable results.

    image-AI-based forecasting image-AI-based forecasting
  • Promo execution

    Promotional execution

    During the promotion process, the retail promotion planning software analyzes the product’s sales and demand in each location and recalculates the target stock levels for each store. Thus, the balance of availability of goods and the absence of excess stocks is maintained between all outlets, which ensures maximum promotional performance.

    image-Promotional execution image-Promotional execution
  • Analysis

    Performance analysis

    The promotion planning system will help you quickly assess the promotion’s effectiveness by evaluating the plan/fact numbers, balances, turnover, availability, and lost sales during the campaign.

    image-Performance analysis image-Performance analysis

LEAFIO AI Promotion Planning Software Advantages


improved availability


reduced surplus


improved forecasts accuracy

LEAFIO AI Promotion Planning Solution Benefits

icon-Instant financial results

Instant financial results

Thanks to exceptional forecasting accuracy, the retail promotion planning software strikes a balance between having the stock needed to run the promotion without a surplus, which helps you avoid lost sales and exit the promotion without additional sales and write-offs.
icon-Data accumulation and systematization

Data accumulation and systematization

The promotion planning software saves and arranges all data on past promotions and uses them for subsequent model training, improving the forecast quality.
icon-Transparency and visibility

Transparency and visibility

The informative dashboard of retail promotion planning software accurately evaluates the effectiveness of the ongoing campaign, makes it possible to respond to deviations quickly, and builds effective interaction between departments and suppliers.
icon-Reduction of labor cost

Reduction of labor cost

Automating the procedures for planning and forecasting sales, initial ordering of goods, and subsequent replenishment of stocks significantly reduces labor costs, allowing managers to direct their efforts to more strategic tasks.

LEAFIO AI Promotion Planning Software trusted by retailers the world over

Suitable for all retail verticals: supermarkets, pharmacies, DIY, health & beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet stores.

Genuine feedback

During the year, we opened 23 new stores that were connected to the LEAFIO system. When we switched to centralized ordering, our surplus was decreased. We reduced the amount of time we spent on managing inventory in stores. The program does not work on forecasting but is based on demand. Because of this, we are managing inventory and product availability incredibly well, which is very important to the customer

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