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Meet every season with optimal inventory and maximum profit

Seasonality – the range changes through seasons, holidays, weekdays and weekends. Automated demand forecasting and auto ordering gives the retailer a competitive benefit – you will be ready for the season in advance and use resources as efficiently as possible.

image - Meet every season with optimal inventory and maximum profit
image - Meet every season with optimal inventory and maximum profit

Leafio seasonality: how it works

Seasonal sales peaks can last from a few days to weeks or months. To successfully enter the season and finish it without write-offs, the ML-based algorithms of LEAFIO allow you to prepare in advance. Considering each seasonality type will help you to quantitatively and qualitatively improve the indicators of each location and the whole chain.

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  • Purchasing model synchronized with the calendar

    When preparing for the season, you need to understand when it starts, where the peak of sales is and when it ends clearly. Continuous demand analysis with AI allows you to calculate future demand and be one step ahead to make the most of changes determined by the season, events or other factors.

  • Reserving goods from suppliers in advance in the hot season

    The hot season is equally hot for all chains. And in order to avoid a lack of goods and offer your customers the best assortment at the best price, you must purchase or reserve the goods from the supplier in advance. With Leafio, you don't always have to keep abreast; you can instruct the system to make an order, providing your assortment with everything you need at the right time.

  • Considering the delivery time of imported goods

    The seasonal assortment is often imported, with the duration of deliveries from one to six months. The system’s model builds sales forecasts taking into account all the factors that will affect sales in 3-6 months.

  • Accurately predicted demand for new products in the range

    Predicting the demand for a new product is not an easy task. Leafio will independently build sales forecasts of new products based on the "clustering" model, taking into account the sales experience of analogs or similar products.

  • Effective distribution and delivery of goods from DSs to retail outlets

    Long-term storage of goods at the distribution center is not profitable as they need to be sold during the season. Therefore, our system calculates the most efficient distribution of goods based on sales forecasts for each store in the chain.

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Stop managing seasonality based on guesswork. Predict and manage demand and stock with AI.
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LEAFIO Seasonality advantages 

faster turnover
reduction in lost sales
increased profitability
decreased surpluses after the season ends


  • icon-High level of accuracy in seasonal forecasting
icon-hover-High level of accuracy in seasonal forecasting

    High level of accuracy in seasonal forecasting

    Using seasonality coefficients, the system calculates the demand and expected seasonal sales of the chain, store, and SKU levels accurately. Your customers will receive the goods they need on time and in the right quantity, and you will avoid write-offs and lost sales.
  • icon-Adequate work of distribution centers 
icon-hover-Adequate work of distribution centers

    Adequate work of distribution centers

    Considering weekly seasonality factors, sales forecasts, the start of the season and delivery schedules, the system automatically calculates when to send an order to an external supplier so that the goods appear in DCs and stores before the start of the season.
  • icon-Timely ordering of imported goods
icon-hover-Timely ordering of imported goods

    Timely ordering of imported goods

    With a vast demand forecasting horizon for imported goods, the system ensures the timely ordering and delivery of goods to outlets to meet the needs and loyalty of your customers.
  • icon-Forecasting the demand for new seasonal products  
icon-hover-Forecasting the demand for new seasonal products

    Forecasting the demand for new seasonal products

    Unique algorithms for identifying similar products allow you to accurately predict the sales of a specific new product in a season at the SKU and store level. Thus, you can expand your assortment, plan your sales accurately, and avoid overstocks and write-offs.

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  • Automatic Replenishment

    A comprehensive feature that includes automatic calculation of quantity requirements per order, automatic generation of orders, automatic dispatch of orders, automatic editing of submitted orders based on feedback from the supplier, and control of order execution.

  • Multi echelon replenishment and allocation

    Highly accurate forecast, regarding safety stocks when managing stocks in regional and central warehouses. The forecast of demand at the DC level and all parts of the supply chain, as well as various business processes are taken into account: true cross docking, pick by line, pick by zero and an alternative storage option.

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Dashboard was creatively designed for a new level of managers`s engagement to the inventory optimization process. Visual and transparent than ever. You can focus on the essentials, understand the problems without a deep analysis; it tells you where to look to make managerial decisions.