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Making every trade promotion efficient in the era of AI

In this webinar, Inventory Optimization Expert Helen Kom uncovers efficient strategies of managing Trade Promotions in retail and outlines the way a retail business can become AI-ready with proper data strategy in place. Take a look at the complex requirements for the Trade Promotion Management solutions that ensure competitiveness and operational efficiency long term. 

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Trade promotions, accounting for up to one-third of a retailer's product assortment, play a significant role in driving both sales and in-store traffic within the retail industry. Yet, they often remain one of the most under-optimized components. With a wide range of promotional mechanics, unpredictable demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and the constant need to balance volume and profitability, managing trade promotions becomes an intricate task, even for the most experienced managers.  

Join our webinar to discover how advanced AI-driven solution can help you to overcome all these hardships, providing you with valuable insights, streamlining your promotion management operations, and ultimately unlocking the full potential of your promotional activities. We will be speaking on the importance of data management maturity and what steps to take to ensure AI readiness in the nearest future. Also, we will touch on the calculation of potential revenue growth through a more efficient PROMO management.

Explore new ways to boost the efficiency of Trade Promotions in your retail chain.

Webinar speakers

Product Director
Inventory Optimization program Product Director and efficient supply chain methodologist with over 100 project implementations in retail.
Head of BD, UK and EMEA
Ana is a Supply Chain Automation Solutions Expert. Happy customers are what makes her happy.

Key Topics:

  • Main tasks for Inventory Management during Promotional Activities.

  • Leveraging advanced technologies to build an efficient Promotional Forecasting process.

  • Evaluating Promotional Efficiency.

  • Lessons learned on the path to successful Promotional Inventory Management.

This webinar is best for


Finance directors and managers

Revenue management directors and managers

Anyone interested in increasing margins using advanced technology