Live webinar

Xmas race: How to avoid empty shelves or overstock. 8 tips for retailers

We discussed the holiday and promotion planning methodology and ability to quickly adjust to changes and force major situations that usually occur during holiday preparation.

Watch the recording to:

  • Know the most common challenges before Xmas in terms of inventory management.

  • Plan your inventory replenishment and logistic facilities.

  • Forecast sales for new items that were not in the assortment range last year.

  • Forecast issues within the overlapping the seasonal sales with the promotional sales.

  • Try a new approach in demand calculation for various store formats.

  • Plan and share the workload in logistics, purchases, and operational staff.


Webinar speakers

Helen Kom
Product Director
Inventory Optimization program Product Director and efficient supply chain methodologist with over 100 project implementations in retail.
Ana Erma
Head of Business Development
Ana is a Supply Chain Automation Solutions Expert. Happy customers are what make her happy.