Boosting Turnover and Optimizing Merchandising Impact for Podorozhnyk

The chain operates 1,400+ pharmacies and manages 1500+ SKUs. The company selected Shelf Efficiency for merchandising automation to provide excellent services for their 5 million customers.


We are glad to announce the successful launch of the Planogram Optimization project in the Podorozhnyk pharmacy chain!

Client information:

The large pharmacy chain in Eastern Europe, Podorozhnyk has been on the market since 1999. With its high quality and fast service, it helps over 5 million customers get the medicine they need.

Currently, the chain has about 1,400 retail facilities. The pharmacy has open and closed displays. The open ones are used for non-pharmaceutical products such as baby food, hygiene products, etc. Their closed displays carry medicines sold both with and without a prescription. The average number of SKUs in 1 pharmacy is 1,000-1,500 items.

LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency was chosen to achieve the following goals: 

  • Increase turnover;
  • Improve the open display goods turnover;
  • Reduce empty space on the shelves.

The company is also interested in analyzing the effects of online merchandising. The retrospective analysis makes it possible to uncover what the bottlenecks of the process are and what can be optimized.

Before implementing the solution throughout the whole chain, the LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency team helps with the technical configuration of the solution and trains the client team to work with it. The following tasks have already been completed during this project: 

  • Setting up information-sharing with an accounting system;
  • Drawn planograms for 1,000+ pharmacies;
  • Assortment management is conducted within the formats; universal format fixtures were created;
  • The analysis of format planograms display is carried out;
  • Regular sending of planograms for the staff to perform the assignments;
  • Feedback from staff at pharmacies was received.
Visualisation of the ABC analysis of the planogram
Visualisation of the ABC analysis of the planogram

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