Inventory Management Dashboard

Optimize your inventory with Insightful Dashboard

A dashboard is a functional tool that allows a manager to focus on the essentials and understand the problems at a glance without a deep analysis. Keeping the interface intuitive and user-friendly, it gives a quick assessment of the inventory status and the manager’s tasks.

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Strategic dashboard
Helps to view weekly KPI analytics

Strategic dashboard provides top-level analysis of inventory, sales, availability and turnover, their dynamics, and also the efficiency of using the system and accuracy in sending order assessments; offers the manager insights in inventory management, which can show obscure problem areas without deep analytics.

Focuses the manager's work on:
  • Average inventory and their structure

    It is vital to pay attention to the structure of stocks: whether a significant amount of money is frozen in surplus or the display of goods.

  • Sales

    Quickly figures out which sales are declining: regular or promotional. This will help you instantly determine where to look for the cause.

  • Availability

    This indicator is essential for analyzing when the trend of declining sales continues because the merchandising level affects the level of sales.

  • Turnover

    A performance indicator that primarily depends on sales dynamics and average inventory.

  • Percentage of product range connected

    Helps evaluate the efficiency of using the system by the chain, i.e. the range percentage ordered via Leafio Inventory Optimization.

  • Auto-sending percentage

    Shows you if you are really using all the system's features for your business.

  • Order adjustments percentage

    Shows you the extent of users' interference with the system.

  • Statistics of orders generated by the system and the manager

    Provides insight into the total number of orders generated by the system, how many of them were sent to suppliers and the percentage ratio of orders generated by the system to orders created manually.

  • Problem analysis

    Using methodologically sound approaches, the system provides not just information but a problem that has already been analyzed, which can have a severe impact on the business.

  • Dead inventory

    The system highlights not only the percentage of dead stocks but also calculates how much money is frozen at the precise moment, making it possible to redistribute the budget correctly. So, by getting rid of slow movers, you can allocate funds for further business development.

Operational dashboard
Necessary for a manager's effective daily work

Operational dashboard for the demand planner, focusing on assortment and personal tasks; personalized system blocks that a manager uses most often. Provides the manager with a current list of tasks and shows on a daily basis how specific surplus and lost sales indicators have changed in the Leafio Inventory Optimization system. In the case of negative dynamics, the system offers an additional report which helps you to understand the cause of the trend. From the operational dashboard, you can go immediately to any application page with specifically customized filters.

Focuses the manager's work on:
  • Whether the data exchange is successful

  • Whether all orders are generated and sent to suppliers

  • If there are any new products that specifically require a manager's attention

  • What errors that affect the accuracy of orders need to be corrected

  • Overstocks

  • Lost sales

  • Quick access to the most frequently used functions in the system

Feedback icon
Reach a new level of managerial engagement with an inventory optimization process – more insightful, visual and transparent than ever.


Dashboard data gives top management a clear understanding of the system uptake, how much it helps the business, and what part of the routine tasks it covers.

  • icon-All inventory management KPIs in real time at glance icon-hover-All inventory management KPIs in real time at glance

    All inventory management KPIs in real time at glance

    We did everything to provide the manager with having the inventory management indicators at a glance, transparent and fully accessible
  • icon-Routine tasks prioritization icon-hover-Routine tasks prioritization

    Routine tasks prioritization

    No need to waste your time on figuring out where to start. The system prioritized the manager tasks itself.
  • icon-Manager's focus icon-hover-Manager's focus

    Manager's focus

    Dashboard is not just a visualization tool. The dashboard displays trends and insights that immediately show where the manager's involvement is required.
  • icon-Quick inventory status assessment icon-hover-Quick inventory status assessment

    Quick inventory status assessment

    Top management can easily and quickly assess the quality of the company's inventory management and the system efficiency. 5 seconds is enough to make this information accessible and visual.


Our clients are in various retail verticals: grocery, supermarket, pharmacies, drogerie, health&beauty, convenience, liquor, toy and pet store.


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  • Automatic Replenishment

    A comprehensive feature that includes automatic calculation of quantity requirements per order, automatic generation of orders, automatic dispatch of orders, automatic editing of submitted orders based on feedback from the supplier, and control of order execution.

  • Fresh Inventory

    The system helps to strike a balance between availability and lack of write-offs. Taking into account high variability, uneven demand within a week, expiration date, supplier delivery slot throughout the day you can make your inventory management and margins of different categories of fresh goods more accurate.

  • Multi echelon replenishment and allocation

    Highly accurate forecast, regarding safety stocks when managing stocks in regional and central warehouses. The forecast of demand at the DC level and all parts of the supply chain, as well as various business processes are taken into account: true cross docking, pick by line, pick by zero and an alternative storage option.