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Fresh Inventory Management Solution

The LEAFIO Fresh Inventory solution takes into account high variability, irregular demand throughout the week, expiration dates, and supplier delivery slots throughout the day. You can make your inventory management and margins of different categories of fresh goods in a “lean” and accurate way. 

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LEAFIO Fresh inventory software: How it works

We have developed an algorithm that takes into account all these specifics and has been tested by dozens of retailers who successfully achieve the goals of fresh categories in their companies. 

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  • Remaining shelf life

    Fresh inventory solution takes into account the remaining shelf life – the actual shelf life of the product after it hits the store shelf

  • LIFO batch accounting

    The most accurate calculation of the order, due to implemented simplified analogue of batch accounting by LIFO

  • Across the week demand coefficient 

    Fresh inventory software takes into account fluctuations in demand by day of the week, which is critical for products in this category due to frequent deliveries and limited shelf life.

  • Delivery slots

    Food management software takes into account the goods delivery slots (the range of time for delivery of goods during the day), which makes it possible for you to make a more precise forecast.

  • Level of needed availability

    You can set the acceptable level of availability for each product in order to avoid write-offs. This makes it possible for you to balance the inventory through avoiding write-offs and maintaining availability.

  • Other factors

    Fresh inventory management system takes into account all the basic factors: demand forecast, lead time, packaging ratio, supplier restrictions, demand variability, reserve inventory and the necessary display.

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Strike a balance between availability and lack of write-offs.
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LEAFIO fresh produce inventory management  advantages

surplus inventory reduction
improved product availability
write-off reduction


  • icon-Fresh goods inventory management automation icon-hover-Fresh goods inventory management automation

    Fresh goods inventory management automation

    Fresh food inventory management requires taking into account many parameters, which LEAFIO Inventory Optimization solution makes possible. Optimizing the structure of inventory at each outlet and warehouse allows you to improve the company’s KPIs - turnover, surplus, lost sales, and write-offs.
  • icon-Taking into account everything you need to balance margins and write-offs icon-hover-Taking into account everything you need to balance margins and write-offs

    Taking into account everything you need to balance margins and write-offs

    Taking into account both standard and specific factors for managing different categories of Fresh goods: demand fluctuations throughout the week, remaining shelf life, LIFO accounting, and target service level.
  • icon-Monitoring the Fresh category performance icon-hover-Monitoring the Fresh category performance

    Monitoring the Fresh category performance

    Gives you an opportunity to identify specific bottlenecks in the process of managing the Fresh category. For example, when it is necessary to analyze a product whose packing unit is sold in fewer days than its expiration date.
  • icon-Flexible solution customization <br>for specific business processes icon-hover-Flexible solution customization <br>for specific business processes

    Flexible solution customization
    for specific business processes

    The solution benefits the business by taking into account the specifics and differences of the point of sale and business processes. The implementation of LEAFIO Inventory Optimization begins with the analysis of specific business processes and setting up the system for the client's needs.
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Fresh inventory management customers note a decrease in write-offs, improved availability, and a sharp increase in the transparency of managing inventory in this category. 

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  • Automatic Replenishment

    A comprehensive feature that includes automatic calculation of quantity requirements per order, automatic generation of orders, automatic dispatch of orders, automatic editing of submitted orders based on feedback from the supplier, and control of order execution.

  • Multi echelon replenishment and allocation

    Highly accurate forecast, regarding safety stocks when managing stocks in regional and central warehouses. The forecast of demand at the DC level and all parts of the supply chain, as well as various business processes are taken into account: true cross docking, pick by line, pick by zero and an alternative storage option.

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Dashboard was creatively designed for a new level of managers`s engagement to the inventory optimization process. Visual and transparent than ever. You can focus on the essentials, understand the problems without a deep analysis; it tells you where to look to make managerial decisions.